Contraception: Fem Cap: Cervical Cap up to 98% effective! NOT FOR SALE IN CANADA

Price: $140.00
Contraception: Fem Cap: Cervical Cap up to 98% effective!
Contraception: Fem Cap: Cervical Cap up to 98% effective!DIN #




1 Fem Cap $140
Uniquely at Anarres Natural Health, cap orders include free consultation when you need it by phone or email.

Finally - effective, safe, comfortable contraception without risking your health or fertility!

What is the FemCap?

The FemCap is a reusable anatomically designed silicone cap you place over your cervix before you have sex.

The FemCap is * Non-Hormonal *Latex-free *Completely Natural *Reusable

The FemCap's design simply prevents sperm from entering the cervix and womb. The FemCap was designed to conform to the anatomy of the cervix and the vagina to ensure maximum fit and comfort. The underside of the dome forms a bowl that covers the cervix completely.

The brim serves to form a seal against the vaginal wall and acts as a funnel to direct the ejaculate fluid into the groove. The FemCap is designed with a unique groove facing the vaginal opening. This groove stores the spermicide and traps the sperm.

*I recommend cleaning your cap by wiping with household vinegar, rinsing with water and allowing it to dry before storage. You can boil your cap in water periodically to sterilize it if you wish.

Why use a FemCap?

The Fem Cap is up to 98% EFFECTIVE when used with a contraceptive gel.
Contragel for it can be ordered here:

Compare the FemCap's advantages to the low effectiveness rate of other barrier methods, and the known dangers of The Pill and other hormonal contraceptives whose risks often include loss of sex drive, mental and emotional health problems, stroke, heart attack, infertility and cancer.

* Safe, effective, and highly acceptable to women and men.
* Completely natural sensation during intercourse.
* Fast to learn and easy to use.
* Can be inserted several hours before sexual intimacy.
* Allows for natural spontaneity.
* Does not interfere with the female sex drive as hormones do.
* Comes in three sizes (can fit almost any woman)
* Inexpensive, reusable for two years, environmentally safe.
* Helps women maintain a healthy menstrual cycle.
* Instant reversibility when pregnancy is desired.
* Woman has full control (no male involvement).
* Discreet make-up-like container enhances portability.
* More acceptable to the health care provider.
* Step-by-step instructions and email support are provided with each FemCap kit.
* Hypo-allergenic latex-free material allows for non-stick easy wash.
* Natural anatomical design
* Protects against chlamydia and gonorrhea (but not other STIs - use a condom!)

The FemCap was extensively tested and compared with the vaginal diaphragm in multi-center clinical trials in the United States, according to FDA regulations. In these clinical trials, 75% of women who had used the diaphragm preferred The FemCap. For impartial advice, see The Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

The FemCap does not interfere with breastfeeding.

Recommended to be used with contraceptive gel . I strongly recommend using Contra Gel natural contraceptive gel. N-9 spermicides have been found to drastically increase women's risk of STI infections including HIV (AIDS). Buy with Contra Gel natural contraceptive gel in a combo pack at a discount!

The FemCap is:
FDA Approved
CE Approved in Europe

Covered by most US and Canadian insurance plans that reimburse contraception. I will provide all the info you need to make your claim.

No prescription is required when ordered from Anarres Natural Health. Tracey TieF is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner as permitted by the FDA and the manufacturer.

See the Fem Cap FAQ here:
See the Fem Cap Fan Blog here:
See the Fem Cap Instruction video here:

The FemCap comes in three sizes: 22mm, 26mm, 30mm.

The inner diameter of the rim determines its size. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING FIT.

~ The smallest rim diameter (22mm) is intended for women who have never been pregnant, even for a few weeks. If you've experienced miscarriage or abortion, please choose the medium-sized (26mm) cap.

~ The medium (26mm) cap is intended for women who have been pregnant, even for a few weeks but have not had a FULL TERM vaginal delivery. If you experienced a miscarriage or abortion, even if it was vaginal, of a first or second term pregnancy, please choose this cap. If you gave birth by Cesarian section, choose this 26mm cap.

~ The largest (30mm) is intended for women who have had a vaginal delivery of a full-term baby.

For more information or troubleshooting, read the FemCap FAQ here

PAY BY CHEQUE OR E-TRANSFER to AnarresHealth AT gmail DOT com.

Contragel for it can be ordered here:

Your paid order will be normally posted the same day, as I keep everything in stock. Expect to receive your order within a week! Email me for express shipping options. Anarres Health at gmail dot com.
Anarres Natural Health cannot accept returns and we do not provide refunds for sexual health, menstrual and conmtraceptive products.

INSURANCE & HEALTH BENEFIT CLAIM? Please tell me what you need in terms of a receipt in the comments with your order if you need more than the invoice this website sends you by email. I am happy to provide signed, stamped and dated receipts in your order.

TO US CUSTOMERS: We can no longer provide the contraceptive gel. Please order the Fem Cap alone if from the USA.

SHIPPING NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: Buyers from countries where adult sexuality is controversial (USA, Middle East etc) often asking me not to put "contraception" on the customs declaration. Please know that on your Small Packets Customs Declaration I will write "personal hygiene, 1 tube" (or cap as the case may be) and the amount you paid. Your country has the right to inspect your order, but this only happens once in a while. Your countries' customs opening your order - happens rarely! - is not a reason for return.

Hi Tracey,
Wow! My parcel arrived today! That was crazy fast! Thanks for the great service and have a fantastic weekend.
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WHOLESALE: No longer available, unfortunately.

Thanks, Tracey


#1 traceytf : I love it, it fits exactly what I need

It's been one year now that I have used the femcap and contragel and I love it, it fits exactly what I need, thank you for providing this amazing product.

Best regards, KL
Comment with reorder from Ontario client.

#2 traceytf : ebay customer feedback

Hi Tracey - just wanted to let you know I tried your tips for the femcap insertion and they helped so much! I haven't had any trouble with my body trying to expel it since then.

Thank you so much for your help - I was so discouraged when I initially contacted you, but I'm confident I'll be able to use it now.

Thanks again - have a lovely week!
K ebay customer

#3 traceytf : customer service is outstanding

My order arrived in the mail today. Thank you so much. Your customer service is outstanding. I will Definately recommend you. Keep me updated please if you have any promotions or sales. Thank you again.

(M.G., new customer from Texas)

#4 traceytf : saving our marriage

THANK YOU! My husband was on the verge of marital distress as I refused to use birth control once I realized what it was doing to us (my husband has difficulty with condom sensitivity now that he is older).

Thank you for saving our marriage.

~ Happy US client

#5 traceytf : cheaper than ordering it online from the US

Thanks for this amazing deal. Much cheaper than ordering it online from the US...

~ Comments with an online order from Canada

#6 traceytf : US customer

I just had to email you and tell you how much I appreciate you sending the FemCap. It got here and we are so blessed.

We have 5 children and love them all, we are spiritually connected to them all, but we believe we are done with birthing. This is such an answer to prayers. Last year I began having crazy bleeding incidents that surrounded the use of the Nasty N-9 stuff and it really had me looking for something else. In this country it is really hard to get anything that isn't from a big pharma company.

I am happy to help you sell more! We used it this morning and it was great.

I used a diaphragm for years and I hated the cramping I would get from the rim of it. The FemCap has no cramping and was super easy to insert.

Thank you again! You are my new friend!

~ MN, 2012 US Customer