Copper: Bowl, Offering, Small

Price: $5.00
Copper: Bowl, Offering, Small
Copper: Bowl, Offering, Small set

Diameter 7CM height 2.9CM

Created in Asia for Buddhist practice.
A bowl of water is placed before an image of the Buddha. Water represents the mind. The mind should be like clean, clear water. Water represents equality and purity of heart.

In Tibetan Buddhism, one reason that water is offered is that water in Tibet has traditionally been considered plentiful and free, and therefore painless to give. The idea is that all of our offerings should be given as freely as we would give water. Another way to view the water offerings is as representing the seven aspects of prayer:
offerings to the Buddhas
confessing our wrongs
rejoicing in the good qualities of oneself and others
requesting the Buddhas to remain in this world
beseeching the Buddhas to teach others
dedicating the merit of ourselves and others which has been accumulated throughout time, in order that all sentient beings may enjoy happiness and virtue

Wipe your new bowl with a little salad oil to prevent corrosion.
Wipe with vinegar to restore during day to day use.

This product is not suitable for use as food tableware.