Hydrosol: Fir Balsam True Hydrosol Made at Anarres

Price: $8.00
Flower Water: Fir Balsam True Hydrosol Made at Anarres

Abies balsamea 100% strength distilled from the twigs and needles at Anarres Apothecary in Toronto.

Balsam fir tree twigs and leaves are distilled in small batches in a stainless steel and glass electric still to preserve the quality and purity of the hydrosol.

Enjoy it as a foot bath, a soothing compress for achy muscles and joints,
in a relaxing bath, or as a spray for the
the fresh scent of home & a walk in the woods.

Our Balsam fir hydrosol is free from emulsifiers, alcohol and preservatives.

Hydrosols are versatile!
* to sanitize your yoga mat
* as a toner or facial spritzer
* in the bath, shower or for a foot bath
* to replace the water in the preparation of creams and lotions
* as a room spray. linen spray or deodorizer