Laundry: Soap Powder Bulk sold by the gram

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Laundry: Soap Powder Bulk sold by the gram

Sold by the gram, $.0095. Please bring or order a bag.

MAIL OR PICK UP ORDER (pre-packed)
You must (please) order a minimum of 100g and buy a biodegradable bag or container. We reserve the right to change your container to a more appropriate size as needed and to credit or invoice you for any difference in your total order cost.

Using pure laundry soap will make your clothes and bed linens feel softer and your colours will last longer. You also do not need to use additives like fabric softener or anti-static products.

Directions: Use approximately 1/4 cup for an average load – never more than 1/2 cup per load. Best works with warm or hot water. Pre-dissolve when using cold water.