Menstrual: Cup Silicone, Green Cup in Small or Large

Price: $10.00
Menstrual: Silicone Cup, Green Cup 4x6
Menstrual: Silicone Cup, Green Cup SMenstrual: Silicone Cup, Green Cup squareMenstrual: Silicone Cup, Green Cup LMenstrual: Silicone Cup, Green Cup SmallMenstrual: Silicone Cup, Green Cup Large

Every body is different. That's why I have curated a collection of menstrual cups in many shapes and sizes. The Anarres Green Cup is short enough to accommodate lower cervixes, and to fit comfortably in the "middle" of the vagina... and it's our most affordable at $10! The price is so affordable because I have not spent our money designing and adding a branded throwaway box.

Learn how to use a menstrual cup here

A menstrual cup is a non-absorbent medical-grade silicone cup inserted into the vagina that simply collects menstrual flow. Because the cup is soft and smooth, you will not feel it there. The menstrual cup will not leak when properly inserted.
The SMALL size is suitable if you have not given birth or you are under the age of 25.
The LARGE size is suitable if you have given birth or you are over the age of 25.

Colour: Green, as shown
Size: S: 6*4.5cm/2.36*1.77in
L: 6*4.1cm/2.36*1.61in
Material: medical-grade silicone