Peony: Essential Oil, unverified

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Peony: Essential Oil, unverified

Paeonia lactiflora steam distilled from the root. Unverified essential oil from China.

Paeonia lactiflora is a thornless rose native to Central and Eastern Asia.


Antioxidant: Peony polyphenols in Peony essential oil are strong antioxidants and can also extend other antioxidants (such as vitamin C vitamin E).

Inhibition of hyperpigmentation, age spots, prevention and treatment of acne, clear skin quality.

Sensitive skin: high moisture retention, can promote cell regeneration, enhance skin vitality, effectively regulate dry and sensitive skin, relieve skin pressure, balance skin colour, and increase skin elasticity and lustre.

Dark circles under the eyes: Caused by clogged lymph, lack of oxygen caused by eye skin, massage can rapidly penetrate the skin and promote blood circulation around the eyes, compact eye skin, keep eye elasticity and vitality, effectively dilute the black eye, tighten pouch, make the eyes look bright and beautiful.

Skincare: peony essence small molecules can penetrate into the blood and lymph, help blood circulation, will stay in the body of the deposition of carbon dioxide and substance metabolism, its antibacterial and immunomodulatory properties, promote the repair and regeneration of skin cells, make the skin smooth and delicate white.

Compact skin: improve the micro blood vessels, stimulate the normal lymphatic system, eliminate excess fat and toxins, increase skin compactness and detoxification ability of the human body, make the body curve more beautiful, smooth, and have fine lines, and make the skin more full and shiny.

The psychological and emotional effects:
Balancing, especially when in a nervous, suffocating environment, can effectively improve the tension, relieve stress, can make people calm in the face of life and work. Can be very good to relieve the brain nerve, can make people energetic, wake up the brain.

Physiological effects: Peony essential oil is a natural plant hormone, which balances hormone secretion in women, regulates the menstrual cycle, and effectively improves sexual indifference. It is a perfect supplement for the uterus.

Home disinfection:
Peony essence unique antibacterial, antiviral agents, with a small amount of oil spray on the closet floor, furniture can not only sterilization, but you can also get rid of mosquitoes, and cover-up the bad smell, air purification.
Main targets: rough skin, dry skin, and dark skin

Effect under the eyes: peony and a variety of natural essential oil, very small molecules, very easy to absorb, balance the skin and water and oil state, astringent pores, clean the skin of the surface. With the correct massage, can quickly reach the skin, promote the regeneration of skin cells, improve skin dullness.

Usage: After cleaning the face, it's used in the toner and the emulsion/cream to replace the essence. By massage, the essential oil can be penetrated quickly, accelerate the metabolism, promote blood circulation and lymphatic detoxification, effectively moisturize the skin and promote cell regeneration.

Usage method
1. skincare products: in pure plant face cream, emulsion, and mask into two drops of unilateral essential oil, after the use of the user, can improve the problem of the skin.

2. hot compress: adding the proper amount of essential oil to hot water, soaking cotton cloth on the skin can promote vasodilatation, improve blood circulation and lymph circulation, and promote local metabolism.

3. cold compress: add some essential oils into the cold water, apply the cotton cloth to the skin, make blood vessels shrink and reduce local congestion, control bleeding effectively and relieve edema and pain.

4. Aromatherapy: the essential oil drops into the aromatherapy apparatus, heating out, can purify the air, soothe relaxation spirit.

chemical composition

The main components are alcohols, alkanes, esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives, and also contain a small quantity of aldehydes, Piran, alkenes, and phenols. Their hair is mainly composed of benzyl alcohol and linalool oxide. Aldehydes, esters and ketones in essential oil have significant antioxidant activity.
Matters needing attention

1. high concentration of essential oil and no direct contact with the eyes

2. suggest the use of not too high dose, usually use a relatively low dose, lasting a certain time, this will achieve a good effect.

3. photosensitive skin, try not to use the place where it can be exposed to sunlight. Some essential oils contain light sensitive ingredients. After exposure to sunlight, the skin will darken and even cause skin cancer. But citrus essential oils, lemon, bergamot, oranges, sweet orange, lime, the root of European angelica, lemon verbena, and coriander are all photosensitive essential oils, which need attention in the process of using.

4. when there is a wound on the skin, you should pay attention before using it and try to avoid applying it to the wound. Avoid irritation to the skin.

5. before using the skin test should be done first, a small amount of skin, if the allergic reaction should be stopped immediately, consult the doctor.

6. the unilateral essential oil must be diluted or blended with the base oil to directly act on the skin. Compound oil and base oil can be used directly.
Through the 7. essential oils during pregnancy, avoid the use of estrogen effect of essential oils, such as basil, fennel, clary.

8. essential oil can not be taken orally.