Powder: Charcoal, Activated Granules, sold by the gram

Price: $0.09
Powder: Charcoal, Activated Granules, sold by the gram

Clean water is a must for drinking and countless other uses.

Sold by the gram @$0.0873/g. Please bring or order a bag https://www.anarreshealth.ca/product/bag-biodegradable-reclosable-singles.

MAIL OR PICK UP ORDER (pre-packed)
You must (please) order a minimum of 100g (or $5 worth whichever is less) and buy a biodegradable bag or container.
We reserve the right to change your container to a more appropriate size as needed and to credit or invoice you for any difference in your total order cost.

SUPERIOR FILTRATION: Even the laboratory sintered Coconut Shell Carbon creates uniform micro filtration pockets down to a nominal 10 microns in size. Use the carbon that gives you more filtration and lasts longer.

CLEAN AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Coconut Shell Carbon makes use of the wasted shells of coconuts to create simple clean charcoal that's perfect for water filtration. This bulk replacement charcoal is perfect for drinking water, aquarium fish tanks, and mixed media water filters.

CLEAN YOUR WATER: Experience purer better tasting water with IPW Industries Inc. Our Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) removes chlorine, cloudiness, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), odours, bad tastes, and more from water.

REFILL AND REUSE: With bulk-activated charcoal, it's easy to reuse your filters again and again. Our replacement media is ready to go right out of the bag. Just empty, clean out, and refill your existing filters with new charcoal. You may need to flush your filter before use.