Salt: Himalayan, Pink, sold by the Chunk

Price: $1.00

100% Himalayan Pink rock salt, from Pakistan

Himalayan salt is mineral-rich and untouched by pollutants and impurities. Also known as white gold, Himalayan Salt has several health benefits that help regulate water and blood sugar in the body, besides promoting bone strength and sinus health. It is also great for keeping the skin and body healthy. Himalayan salt effectively helps to soften and beautify the skin by cleaning pores and detoxifying the body.


We have verified with our supplier that this Himalayan salt comes from DRY mines.

Our supplier has GMP and BRC certifications and a portion of their Fair Trade Policy is covered under these. They also have SA8000 certification which requires meeting a set of stringent guidelines to ensure social compliance. The guidelines include giving back to the community. In this case, they have set up a welfare school (with no school fee) and a welfare clinic in the vicinity of their factory where there is an abundance of poor/low-income families.