Scale: Mineral Make Up 0.01g to 100g

Price: $12.00
Scale: Mineral Make Up 0.01g to 100g
Scale: Mineral Make Up 0.01g to 100g 0.00Scale: Mineral Make Up 0.01g to 100g flat

Now you don't have to hit up your local drug dealer, wayward teen
or head shop just to measure small amounts of ingredients.

This pocket scale is convenient for small batch lotion making
but absolutely essential for mineral make up!


This mini scale is equipped with performance sensors, stainless steel platform,
and large LCD display with back-light for easy reading.

Its clear protective cover can be detached and used as an expansion tray.

This versatile scale supports most weight units, tare weighing, counting function, auto power off, and simple on-button calibration.

1.100% Brand New.Small & Easy to use
2.Dimensions 62mm(W) x 120mm (L) x 17mm (H)
3.Maximum scale: 500g
4.Minimum scale: 0.1g
5.Weight&Color: 91g (3.22 oz), Silver color
6.Units: g/oz/ct/tl
7.LCD display with optional blue backlight
8.Power by 2x AAA batteries ( not included )
9.Calibration: Auto Calibration
10.Platform Stainless steel, 50mm x 55mm
11.Auto Off 30 seconds
12.Tare Range: Tare full capacity

Package includes:
100g 0.1g digital pocket scale
User's manual