Soap: Organic Glycerine Anarres, per gram

Price: $0.08

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Soap: Organic Glycerine made here at Anarres

All organic Glycerin Soaps made by Anarres are now sold by the gram, $.08/g weighed at the cash.

So choose a mini star @50 cents, or a medium flower @$1 or a big butterfly or lady bug @$2!

The mini Organic Glycerine Soaps look like candy and make great gifts, party favours or stocking stuffers. Or put it in a jar and carry it for use on the go!

Anarres Organic Glycerine Soaps are made from all UK organically grown oils, with NO SLS, MDM Hydantoin or propylene glycol NO foaming agents, or synthetic colours.

Ingredients: Soap* (vegetable glycerine, water, sodium palmate, sorbitol, sodium cocoate, palm acid, coconut acid, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate), essential oil and optional clays or *Atlantic kelp or * **cocoa powder. *Certified Organically Grown in the United Kingdom from non GMO crops
** Certified / fair trade

The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Proudly unpackaged or packaged in glassine paper envelopes or 100% vegetable cellulose clear compost-able cellophane-look bags.
Beyond Biodegradable!!!



#1 Peter Uniat : NearPerfect Eco Soap that Rejuvenates Bathing Experience As Well

Once again Anarres and Tracey Tief have produced a soap that conforms to be one of the most Ecological soaps one can purchase as well as being a superbly enjoyable to use and I can not wait to try some of the other soaps.

In these heady days when people are upset with petro chemical companies polluting the environment in every way they can including turning the Gulf of Mexico into a toxic soup, this soap is as near perfect as you can get and uses none in any form as well as being organic it is also vegan another environmental plus as well as cruelty issues and then to top it off it is "Proudly packaged in 100% vegetable cellulose clear compostable cellophane-look bags. Beyond Biodegradable!!!- Anarres Natural Health" once again demonstrating, promoting and leading the way in how things need to be to begin to help heal the Ecology.

As far as bathing, it was a most enjoyable experience with the sultry yet light scent of rose and rosehip essential oils wafting up and after a few uses my skin feels much softer and healthier especially after using harsh soaps with heavy perfumes. A truly enjoyable experience. Thank you!

Peter Uniat,
Senior Designer,
Rippled Edge Design
Toronto, ON