Yarrow, Blue Essential Oil, USA sold by the mL

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Yarrow, Blue Essential Oil, USA sold by the mL

Achillea millefolium Artisinally steam distilled from the flowers in the USA.

Aroma: Technically a top note, but used as a base note in blends, with a medium aroma, Yarrow is sweet, sharp, woody, herbaceous, fruity and somewhat sweet, with spicy tones.

Description / Colour / Consistency: A thin, clear, greenish to dark blue liquid. Due to its chamazulene content, blue yarrow has a similar dark blue hue to that of German Chamomile Essential Oil and Blue Tansy Essential Oil.

Description: Yarrow is also known as milfoil, a reference to its feathery appearance from fern-like feathery leaves. It is a perennial herb with a simple stem that can grow up to one meter (3 feet) in height, bearing numerous pale pink flower heads.

Common Uses: Yarrow has a long history as a medicinal herb that goes back to the legend of Achilles who used it for wounds inflicted during the Trojan War. It is often used in cosmetics for dry skin. Chamazulene is a sesquiterpene that exhibits anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, and is, therefore, useful in the treatment of: rheumatism, arthritis, inflamed/injured muscles, muscular and menstrual cramps, scarring, acne, eczema, rashes, hemorrhoids, wound care

Sources: Valerie Ann Worwood, The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, 25th Anniversary Edition (Novato, CA: New World Library, 2016, 631. Neryls Purchon and Lora Cantele, Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness (Toronto ON: Robert Rose, 2014), 116.

Psychological/Emotional/Spiritual Properties: Yarrow Essential Oil is valued particularly for meditation, introspection and self-study. Yarrow Oil can encourage a fearless grasp of "The Big Picture".

Robbi Zeck suggests Yarrow Essential Oil to help bring about balance and stability. "Yarrow stabilizes polar opposites within the body and is useful during times of major life changes when emotional equilibrium needs greater support." [Robbi Zeck, ND, The Blossoming Heart: Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation (Victoria, Australia: Aroma Tours, 2008), 121.]

Main Constituents:
β-Pinene: 15.5%
Sabinene: 6.3%
Camphor: 13.2%


Terpinene, gamma < 5 %
Pinene, alpha 2-10 %
Linalool < 2 %
Caryophyllene, beta 10 - 20 %
Cineole-1,8 3 - 10 %
Limeonene, D < 2 %
Camphor < 20 %
Borneol, L < 6 %
Terpinene-4-ol < 6 %
Pinene, beta 5 - 20 %
Sabinene < 20 %
Bornyl acetate, L < 6 %
Thujone, alpha 2 - 15 %
Thujone, beta < 5 %
Chamazulene < 0.5 %

Cautions: Dilute before use; for external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with the eyes should be avoided.