Aromatherapy Certification Tutorial - please book with Tracey

Price: $20.00
Aromatherapy Certification Workshop & Lab

WHAT: Aromatherapy Certification Workshop & Lab
WHEN: The first Tuesday of every month, 7-9pm
WHERE: Anarres Apothecary, 1076 Bloor St West Toronto M6H1M6, north side
1.5 blocks EAST of Dufferin subway.
RSVP BY INVITATION ONLY please email Tracey, sign up in the White Binder at the cash
COST: Suggested contribution $20-$40 or your ongoing Apprentice shifts
or just bring me some dinner!

Please book your consultation or tutorial with Tracey.

October theme: Effective research - finding authoritative sources.

A small group session with active instruction and coaching from Tracey.

Stuck wondering how to start your Materia Medica Project?
How do you research essential oils to get reliable authoritative information?
Need to choose a topic?
How do you write a compelling talk and convert it into a blog post?
What does NLP and Educational Marketing have to do with it?
Where do you get good images from without buying stock photos?
What's HTML and why should I care?

Come with what you have already and we'll work together towards completion of your Aromatherapy Certification.

recipe book
writing tools
reference books

Repeats every month on the first Tuesday until Sun Feb 02 2020 .
- 02/28/2024 - 10:53am
- 08/26/1293 - 1:21am
08/12/1257 - 2:18pm - 12/19/1286 - 5:45pm
02/28/2024 - 10:53am
03/27/8873 - 3:17am