Workshop: Mother & Baby Care Intro

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Workshop: Mother & Baby Care Basics

WHAT: Workshop: Mother & Baby Care Basics
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SPECIAL DATE! TUESDAY 2016/09/6 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
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WHERE: Anarres Natural Health, 749 Dovercourt Road M6H2X1
1 block west of the Delaware exit of Ossington Station
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This hands-on workshop will have you learning how to care for baby's skin, how to use essential oils and botanicals safely during the childbearing year and for babies, plus creating nourishing concoctions with natural ingredients that are safe and effective for mother and baby.

We'll make Top Rated Mamalicious Baby Balm and you'll take home your own jar!

You’ll come away with new found knowledge and expertise, armed with recipe ideas and sample goodies for the mamas and babes in your life... and maybe you, too!

It was really fun making massage oils. During my pregnancy I rubbed my growing belly everyday with the oils. It became a nurturing ritual for me. However, the best thing was that I got no stretch marks at all. Thanks again Tracey!

Take care,


Just wanted to say thank-you again for the workshop. I've got a cold and I've actually been using the balm on my nose to soothe it after blowing so much! I love it.

Paloma (Hanlon, teacher, England)

Tracey is a fantastically knowledgeable teacher...I love learning from her and knowing more about how to take care of myself and my family. Her workshop was well structured with a nice little sample of what we made to take home, plus information on how to make up my own recipe next time.

~ Fleur Hanlon

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