Private Party or Workshops Rates

We've hosted all sorts of private workshops and parties:
* A bachelorette party making lube and mojo oil
* Kids' birthday parties featuring hosted DIY Body Care Table
* A bridal shower at a cafe making lotions
* A Maid of Honour party making all purpose balm as wedding favours
* At a school cafeteria making lip balms

Private Party or Workshops are:
* Taught by Tracey TieF and Apprentices
* For you and those you invite, no outside participants
* Held at Anarres Apothecary (included) or your location (Add $100)

In a two hour workshop, we can make one product, except for Self Spa / Spa Gifts where we can each make three: a custom face mask, a bath salt and a body scrub.
We can make an additional product every additional hour.
Please choose from the 2 hour Intro and Full day (6 hour) workshops, or email me with your request. It may not be possible to teach you how to make a series of unrelated products because of the amount of time it takes to set up, clean up, and teach a new set of ingredients and techniques.

RATES including materials & refreshments:
* $120 per hour, minimum 2 hours for up to 6 participants
* $40 per participant after 6 and up to 12
* An additional $100 if you need me to travel to your location and back
* A $120 non refundable deposit is required to book
with payment in full due 7 days before the workshop.
* HST applies to all rates.

We will serve purified water, tea and coffee, plus lunch for 6 hour workshops.

How it works:

1. Register online for the workshop you want. They are all listed in our monthly calendar in the left hand margin of every page on the website. Put the number of participants un the "Quantity" field. Choose "Workshopper Time Card".

2. Add your $120 deposit to your cart by ordering here

3. Write "Private Workshop, please" in the comments with your order, and the names and emails participants.

4. I will contact you to discuss your wishes, needs and plans.