Blend: Laundry 100% Essential Oil, in Floral, Spice or Woods Blends

Price: $10.00

tell us which type you want

Laundry_EssentialOil_Blend_Anarres 145kb

Choose from 3 Fantabulous Nurturing Natural Blends

Floral Blend: A sweet breeze of flowers made with lavender, tangerine, ylang-ylang.

Spice Blend: Smells like fresh-baked goods! Made of lemongrass, cinnamon and ginger.

Woods Blend: An evergreen ever-fresh blend made of fir needle, cedarwood Himalayan and wintergreen.

3 testers, 1 of each scent, 1ml @4 loads ORDER "3 PIECES"
10ml @40 loads
30ml @ 120 loads

WHOLESALE TO RETAILERS AND CLINICS: 100ml @ 400 loads. Retailers can refill customer's bottles!

Created to compliment woollen dryer balls, but can be sprinkled on any cloth before tossing in the dryer.

A few drops of a blend on a dryer ball or washcloth placed in the dryer will naturally scent your laundry without:
~ phthalates
~ perfumes
~ petroleum by-products
~ added colour

And yes, if you adore the scents, you can add them to a carrier oil and wear them, or put 3-6 drops in a bath!


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