Workshop Offering: Soap Making for Caregivers and Kids

Love to use or give those beautiful clear glycerine soaps with flowers, or toy spiders, photos, or secret messages inside?

The vast majority of melt and pour soaps have preservatives and sodium laurel sulphates in them, but Anarres serves up healthful-ness in light amber vegetable glycerine soap made with organically grown oils.

You'll learn how to melt, pour, set, cut and package 6 soaps hand made by you. We'll experiment with adding goodies like natural clays for colour, butters such as cocoa and shea for skin benefits and flowers, messages or ornaments for fun.

Best of all it's safe, fun and makes 6 great gifts for the holidays... but you'll want to keep one for yourself!

This is a semi private class for 6 participants only, so pre register now! Caregivers who want to make soap pay as participants. Caregivers are not required to attend if children are school aged.

Register here:
for more info, call me at 416 535 9620 or email