Eyebright, Certified Organic, Sold by the Gram

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Herb: Eyebright, Certified Organic

Euphrasia Officinalis L.

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One of the most well-regarded ophthalmic herbs, the traditional use of eyebright dates to the 14th century. By the 16th century, eyebright was hailed by well-known herbalists Fuchsius and Tragus. This herb grows and is used traditionally in Europe, North America, Western Asia and Northern Asia. The name Euphrasia is derived from the Greek word for gladness.

This annual herb grows 2-8 inches tall with deeply cut leaves. Blooming between July and September, the flowers are white or purple with yellow variegations and appear on terminal spokes with a two-lipped corolla.

Eyebright is typically used in teas, tinctures, capsules, or poultices

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