Menstrual: Pad Washable, 11 Piece Starter Set with Bag

Price: $95.00

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Menstrual: Pad 11 Piece Starter Set with Bag
Menstrual: Pad 11 Piece Starter Set with Bag 2Menstrual: Pad set of 3 panty linersMenstrual: Pad 5 regular with Bag

Included are the following reusable cloth pads:

3 locally-made mini pads/panty liners sold separately $20
5 maxi pad (regular) bamboo charcoal sold separately $50
2 over-night/heavy bamboo charcoal sold separately $34
1 locally made zippered PUL wet/dry bag sold separately $15

Looking to jump right into cloth pads but don't know where to start? The starter kit might be the thing. Consider gifting the set to a newly menstruating environmentally conscious person in your life!

The patterns and fabrics shown are not necessarily available at the time of ordering. Feel free to ask in the text box for a particular pattern or theme, and we'll do our best to meet that request. Examples of themes:
* colour ex reds or whites or blues
* cartoons ex toy trucks
* animals ex monkeys or birds
* nature patterns ex feathers or leaves
* silly ex dinosaurs!
* abstract ex polka dots