JOB POSTING: Education Outreach Program Co-ordinator

Thanks to the 2022 Canada Summer Jobs Program,
Anarres is hiring!

WAGE: $15 an hour
HOURS: 35 hrs/wk Tues-Sat afternoons and evenings for 8 weeks June - August, 2022

Tasks and Responsibilities
Oversee all aspects of the Anarres Workshops, Outreach and educational programs in general.

1. Outreach to organizations, festivals and events to offer and produce workshops of varying lengths from mini to certification level workshops.

2. Assist with production of educational events from promotion, recruiting and training volunteers, choosing
and arranging materials, to set up, and clean up.

3. Liaise with community and private partners and actively engage in outreach activities to promote the program and recruit participants.

4. Engage with the teacher to create a handbook
for the production of various educational activities.

5. Record workshops and transcribe them into written notes using provided software. Edit workshops into online deliverable content using the provided software.

6. Engage with students and participants to measure and evaluate the satisfaction and impact of educational sessions by creating and implementing written and virtual feedback tools.

7. Recruit students and Apprentices through outreach online and in-store. Recruit by leading information sessions and marketing to community environmental and anti-poverty agencies, using contacts and social networks.

8. Maintain records of outreach activities and educational events including referrals and matches using online documents and spreadsheets, and written/printed files. Build and maintain relationships with organizations to ensure repeat engagement. Keep all program statistical records, preparing reports on program progress and outcomes.

9. Perform admin tasks as required

Client service
Digital skills

Language required for job: English

NATIONAL Priority:
Black and other racialized youth.
Youth with disabilities.
Indigenous youth.
Small businesses and Not-For-Profit Organizations that self-report as having leadership from groups that are
under-represented in the labour market.

Local Priority:
1. Support for a specific type of project: Projects supporting environmental protection Anarres Apothecary teaches participants how to create body care that is safe and environmentally friendly. We provide environmental education.

2. Support for projects that offer programs and/or support to specific target groups: Children and/or youth Anarres
Apothecary offers educational events for children as young as 5 years old.

3. Support for projects that offer
programs and/or support to specific target groups: Seniors Anarres Apothecary offers educational events for

4. Support for projects that offer programs and/or support to specific target groups: Portuguese/Ethnic 4 of 6
Communities Anarres Apothecary offers educational events for newcomers. The hands-on nature overcomes
language barriers.

Candidates who fit the National Priorities for hiring are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must be 15-30 years of age and permitted to work in Canada.

Anarres Apothecary is a social enterprise storefront, online and mail-order resource founded in 2007 for you when
you want body care, DIY supplies and housewares that are Good For You and Good For The Earth. Operated by a
Retail Coordinator, a Production Coordinator, Apprentices, Aromatherapy Certification students and volunteers under
the direction of Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, we offer handmade natural cosmetics,
aromatherapy and cosmetic making supplies including organic ingredients, 500+ ethically sourced essential oils, and
dozens of clays, oils, micas, packaging and housewares that are alternatives to plastics, and other Earth and
people-friendly goodies. Anarres Natural Health's mission is to educate people about natural healthy fairly traded and
local botanical ingredients, and how to use these to create affordable, wholesome and effective body care. To this
end we offer mini, intro and full-day workshops, Aromatherapy Certification and Apprenticeship, we retail and
wholesale healthy, ethical ingredients and products online and in our Anarres Apothecary. Wholistic health to us
does not mean merely the health of our individual minds, bodies and spirits, but also the health of the Earth and all
its Beings.

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to Anarres Health AT gmail DOT com with the subject line: JOB POSTING: Education Outreach Program Co-ordinator