How to Use Your Terra Cotta Pendant Plus FAQs

How to Diffuse essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant

Inhaling essential oils has been shown in a study to be effective in dealing with stress, blood pressure and more!

Essential oils are naturally volatile, which means they evaporate easily, in normal temperatures. When a drop of essential oil is applied to the surface of the terra cotta piece, it is absorbed into the tiny pores of the kiln-fired clay. From there it slowly and naturally diffuses into the air around it.

Once the terra cotta piece has become saturated with essential oil, it is not necessary to add a drop of oil each day. After a few days you can refresh the surface of the clay with a just smear of oil as desired.

1. Lay the pendant flat and apply one drop of essential oil.
Allow the oil time to become completely absorbed into the clay.
When the oil is completely absorbed, it is ready to wear.

2. Put the pendant around your neck and adjust the sliding knots to achieve the length of cord you prefer! And you're ready to feel wonderful wherever you go - all day long!

3. Once the terra cotta piece has become saturated with essential oil, it is not necessary to add a drop of oil each day. After a few days, you can refresh the surface of the clay
with just a smear of oil as desired. To improve your health through aromatherapy, contact me anarreshealth at Gmail dot com for a consultation. The first 30 minutes are FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions about Terra Cotta Pendants

Q: How much oil do I use?
A: One drop.

Q: Do I need to apply oil every day?
A: No. There will be enough oil in one drop to diffuse for several days. When you can no longer smell the oil very well, you can reapply oil at that time.

Q: Where do I put the oil?
A: You lay the pendant flat and put one drop onto the front of the clay. Allow the oil to fully absorb into the clay before wearing.

Q: What is the length of the rope?
A: Terra Cotta Pendants come with waxed cotton, sliding-knot ropes which can be adjusted in length to approximately 38 cm (15 inches) to 76 cm (30 inches) long.

Q: What is the size of the Pendants?
A: Round Pendants - 2.8cm (1 1/8in) across; Oval Pendants - 3.25cm by 3.75cm (1 1/4in by 1 1/2in);Rectangular Pendants - 2.7cm by 4.2cm (1 1/8in by 1 7/8in).

Q: How thick are Terra Cotta Pendants?
A: About half a cm (3/8 of an inch).

Q: Will the oils stain my clothing?
A: No, as long as it is completely absorbed in the clay before you put the pendant on.

Q: How long does the oil last?
A: Usually most of the oil will diffuse from the pendant within a day, but you will still be able to smell the oil for another day or two or three. For best results, and to enjoy fully the benefits of inhaling essential oils, refresh daily.

Q: How can I change the oil that I'm using?
A: Wait until most of the oil has diffused off the pendant, then apply the second one. Some oils will blend nicely so that you can apply a second oil when there is still some of the first oil remaining on the pendant.

Q: Don't I need to use heat to diffuse the essential oil?
A: Essential oils are naturally volatile ("evaporating quickly and easily at ordinary temperatures") so you don't need any heat to diffuse them.