Bag: Sisal Exfoliating Mesh Soap Travel

Price: $3.00
Bag: Linen Mesh Soap or Small Produce Bag button
Bag: Linen MeshBag: Linen Mesh Soap or Small Produce Bag

Natural material: made from natural sisal, this bag will biodegrade at the end of its useful (to you) life! Exfoliating and foaming: Leave your bar of soap in the bag and lather up!

Material: sisal
Size: 14 * 9.5CM
Weight: 14g

Makes life Easier: Open the bag, pop your bar of soap in and pull closed with the wooden button ended drawstring.

Soap lasts longer: Hang your bar soap after use, and the soap will dry quickly. Travel-ready!

Enjoy bathing: The sisal weave is easy on your skin.

A natural exfoliant: Use your natural sisal soap saver bag with your favourite soap to slough away dry, rough skin, stimulate blood circulation and leaves your skin renewed, soft and smooth.

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