Balm: Sensitive Eye

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Balm: Sensitive Eye Restoration_ANARRES

#Skincare to #Restore #Sensitive #Eyes

Created by request as an alternative to eye lotion, this creamy beeswax balm #revitalizes the skin around your eyes with #healing calendula, #nourishing carrot root, #moisturizing sunflower seed oil, and power packed with essential oils of carrot seed, German chamomile and Australian blue cypress. The beeswax component holds it in place overnight or all day.

30mL / 25g in a blue glass jar with a gold cap

Recommended for all skin types including sensitive, this balm works especially for papery, tired, puffy and irritated skin around the eyes. Leaves sensitive skin around your eyes revitalized.

* The #vitaminE and essential oils are #antiinflammatory
* The sunflower seed oil and herbal oils are also high in #antioxidants
• The #sunflower seed oil #hydrates
* The #calendula and #chamomile #calm and #soothe #skin
• The carrot seed essential oil promotes cellular renewal * The vitamine E improves #elasticity
• The whole formula, but especially the #beeswax protects skin from harsh weather and #pollution

Ingredients: triple filtered water aqua, * * ** Calendula officinalis infused in **sunflower seed oil Helianthus annuus oil, beeswax Cera bellina, * ** Daucus carota infused in **sunflower seed oil Helianthus annuus oil, vitamine E mixed tocopherols, essential oils of: carrot seed Daucus carota, German chamomile Matricaria chamomilla and Australian blue cypress Callitris intratropica .
*Ontario **Certified Organically Grown