CBD: Bath Bomb Infused in 5 Scents

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Bath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents hands
Bath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents Citrus BasilBath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents Jasmine BasilBath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents Lavender FloatBath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents Sandalwood & PatchouliBath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents Winter ForestBath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents A.PRO.PROBath Bomb: CBD-Infused in 5 Scents

Citrus Basil
Jasmine Spice
Lavender Float
Sandalwood & Patchouli
Winter Float

You can't get more local than a 10-minute walk from Anarres Apothecary! We commissioned simple bath bombs and received these gourmet delights from...
A productive procrastinator
Bringing you
Another Procrastination Project
Skin loving Herb-infused BathBombs
<3 Tiff

This optimistic and uplifting Bathbomb will make your mouth water! An intoxicating and juicy blend of orange blossom, neroli, lemon, lime and grapefruit, settling into some grounding basil and musk that will rejuvenate. For seriously glowing skin the added Green Clay has you covered. Made with Oils infused with Organic orange, lemon and lime peels.

Inspired by the exotic and enticing scent of my absolute favourite tea: Bengal Spice This BB is filled to the brim with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, black pepper and a touch of vanilla. This spicy blend is rounded out with the seductive and heady scent of jasmine that leaves you with a truly sumptuous feeling. Made with coconut oil infused with jasmine green tea, and French Green Clay to leave your skin feeling luxuriously supple. Topped with crumbled nutmeg.

A warm and comforting aroma that uplifts and relaxes.
Made with soothing lavender, a hint of fresh lemon and creamy rich vanilla to soothe the mind and body to leave you feeling cozy and ready for rest. Made with a scrumptious blend of butters and oils infused with organic lavender and lemon peels.

The classic grounding blend of smoke, sandalwood and patchouli.

A cool woodsy scent inspired by a walk through High Park, one of Toronto's largest parks, after a deep snowfall.
This BB will envelop you with the fresh clean scent of snow and evergreens.

Fill the tub to optimal bath temperature, add a BB, lay back and enjoy!


To keep fresh store away from water.

4 - 4.4 oz (113- 125g)

NB: Because this is a handmade product, size, shape and colour may slightly vary

Can I get high from this?

Short answer: No! One of the reasons we can experience the benefits of cannabis is because the human body has its own endocannabinoid system. This system runs throughout our whole body and regulates a lot of our natural functions from sleep to the experience of pain. Cannabinoids in topicals work by penetrating the muscles and joints, where they bind with the local cannabinoid receptors.

However, because it doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier it cannot bind with the receptors in the brain to produce a psychoactive or intoxicating effect, so people can safely get relief from cannabis bath bombs without getting high.

Can I drink the water?

It is never a good idea to drink soapy water.

What is the shelf life?

To keep your BBs as fresh as possible, store them away from water in an airtight container. Infused oil has a shelf life of 1–2 years. While using old oil is unlikely to make a person sick, it may lose its potency.

Can I bathe my child in the water?

You make smart choices for your children. However, we recommend that our infused BBs be used by people over the age of 18.

Will I smell like cannabis after I take a bath?

Absolutely, not! You will smell like your delicious BB of choice!

How much water do I need to use?

Fill your bath as you normally would

What is the difference between Full Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum and Isolated CBD?

Full-Spectrum is exactly as it sounds: the full monty. all the cannabinoids and phytonutrients, that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids and phytonutrients EXCEPT THC. There is research that may suggest that when CBD is consumed with other terpenes, cannabinoids and phytonutrients, the different compounds act synergistically, and as a result, CBD’s effects are more noticeable, sometimes referred to as the “entourage effect”. Thus, the benefits of CBD may be stronger when various compounds work in unison, rather than on their own. Like, Isolated CBD, for example, that has, through a complex process, had all cannabinoids or cannabis plant compounds removed EXCEPT CBD.

It’s important to note that self-experimentation is key in figuring out what works for you. CBD is adaptive and will affect each individual differently based on their level of inflammation, their body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid level and their own personal absorption rate.