Balm: Beard Pomade, Cedars

Price: $18.00
Balm: Beard Pomade, Cedars 500x
Balm: Beard Pomade, Cedars

A cedar-scented delight for frisky facial hair!

Comes in a screw-top aluminum canister:
50g travel size

Enjoy daily to condition skin and style your beard.
Helps beards appear thicker and healthier.
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin with no greasy feeling.
Softens hair and relieves itching.

Made in Toronto with...

Shea butter: A healing whole medicine, shea treats a variety of skin conditions, especially dry, flaky, or cracked skin. It is a great conditioner for coarse hair.

Sunflower seed oil: Rich in oleic acids with high amounts of beta-carotene (vitamin A), B, D and E, minerals, plus beneficial amounts of lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids. The sunflower seed oil is a light mild scented golden coloured oil.

Cedarwoods: Antiseptic, astringent and tonic, cedarwoods normalize both dry and oily skin and hair while stimulating hair follicles.

Ingredients: *unrefined shea butter Vitellaria paradoxa, * ** ***sunflower seed oil Helianthus annuus, * **beeswax Cera alba, **vitamin e mixed tocopherols, essential oils of: **Eastern red cedar Juniperis virginiana, **Eastern white cedar Thuja occidentalis
*Certified Organically Grown/organically farmed