Wax: Beeswax Pucks, Local, 100%, Organically Farmed

Price: $0.06
Wax: Bees wax Pucks, Local, 100%, Organically Farmed
Wax: Bees wax Pucks, Local Certificate of Analysis

$.06/g = $6 per 100g in your own packaging
10% off applied for 500g large blocks
20% off applied for 1000g large blocks

100% Canadian responsibly farmed beeswax from various beekeepers in Southern Ontario

Sold by the puck bare. The pieces you choose will be prorated to their actual weight in grams.

Top Grade Our Ontario supplier gathers and fine filters wax from multiple small local Ontario apiaries.

Naturally fragrant beeswax burns cleaner and longer than petroleum-based waxes.

Beeswax is great for using to make candles as well as lip balms, and creams and lotions to protect the skin.

Made from 100% pure filtered, organically farmed beeswax, this slow-burning wax has a 146°F melting point. There's no smoking from beeswax candles since there is no petroleum burning in the candles.