Candle: Black. Beeswax or Zero Waste

Price: $5.00

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Candle: Black. Beeswax or Zero Waste 4x6
black votive $7black candle postblack crystal tealight in glass $5black chunky $15black 3" $33black large crystal $20black beeswax pyramid $16black beeswax tealight $5black beeswax taper $7black chunky collage

Now in BLACK! These black beeswax or zero-waste candles are perfect for magic or other metaphysical practices or simply as an addition to your home or Hallowe'en décor!

$7 black zero-waste votive
$5 black zero-waste crystal tealight in glass
$15 black zero-waste crystal in thick glass container
$33 black beeswax 3" column
$15 black zero-waste large 3 fluorite crystal
$16 black beeswax pyramid
$1.75 black beeswax tealight TEALIGHT HOLDER is extra $.50
$7 black beeswax candlestick

Limited numbers: Honey Candle Co black candles are sold out at the supplier, and Anarres Zero Waste candles are one-of-a-kind - what you see is what we have!