Elderberry syrup using High Quality essential oils?

Q: Has anyone made Elderberry syrup using High Quality essential oils?

Someone else's answer: Not sure what oils you use but currently i'm using doTERRA and they are ingestible (not all of course) for how pure they are and i do, daily. I am healthier than i have ever been at 52. I don't recommend ingesting just any oils, for sure but one MUST do their research first. It just needs to be done wisely and with common sense imho. I add very little and make sure to shake and agree that it could be an issue for some ESP if they don't know enough to shake the bottle first. Herbs settle too so why they wouldn't is beyond me but such is life. ????

NOOOOOO. Certified Natural Health Practitioner here with Registered Aromatherapy Health Practitioner status with the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners. Even essential oils made from edible herbs and spices are 100x stronger than the plant they come from. IMO there is NO role for essential oils in cooking.

That's a myth that DoTerra and Young Living Oils tell people. Essential Oils are NOT for ingesting period. The food industry takes essential oils apart into their aroma chemical components then very carefully flavours and scents using minute quantities. Like any product, the quality depends on how well they are produced. 95% of essential oils produced in the world go to industry: cosmetic, food and drug. The remaining 5% are ALL deemed therapeutic because they are not adulterated or taken apart for their aroma chemicals. So the $5 bottle of orange essential oil at the drug store could be a poor grade compared to another brand bought at an apothecary or through a dealer, but both are "therapeutic" grade.

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