FAQ: What Does Anarres Moving Mean?

ANARRES APOTHECARY IS MOVING! While I get resettled 350 metres from the Bloor St Apothecary, email me at AnarresHealth@gmail.com or call me at 6478276968⁠.

What's new?
It took three weeks to move! So much gratitude to the moving team of Kindred Spirits, and to the many customers who volunteered, wished me well and cut me lots of slack!

I am waiting another 2 weeks for the Studio to be ready to move into. In the meantime, it's been challenging finding ALL of the items I need for orders, so some orders have been delayed in fulfilling, but I am nearly caught up.

You can order online for pick up or posting. Book a consultation to select essential oils and aromatherapy products, or to consult on ingredients for your project. Fees are fully credited towards your purchases.
AVAILABLE HOURS: Sundays ~ Thursdays 8am to 8pm.
Shop Phone: (647) 827 6968
Email preferred AnarresHealth AT gmail DOT com

Here are some of the questions I have been asked so far. Please feel free to ask me anything on socials or by email. I'll anonymize your question and answer it here.

Why Anarres Studio?

A studio is the workspace of a creator. I am refocussing on my passions: working with natural and homegrown ingredients, creating body care, teaching workshops and Apprentices, enjoying relationships with fellow creators and clients.

Where can I buy Anarres Products after July?
* Online at AnarresHealth.ca for pick up, postage or bicycle delivery. By Autumn 2023, I will have a new up to date e commerce website!
* Online at SustainableSex.ca my sister website for sexual health products including natural contraceptives.
* At Karma Food Coop
* At Alternative Thinking
* At RaindanceCosmetics.ca
* Email me at Anarres Health AT gmail DOT com
* Call me 647*827*6968

If you'd like to buy Anarres products where you shop, please ask them to contact me at AnarresHealth AT gmail.com .

The Studio will eventually house the essential oils, carrier oils and production and teaching space. After July, inventory will be stored nearby. I keep three gardens, including one on my kitchen deck and one on my rooftop. The storage and maker space will not be open to the public.

After July, email me at Anarres Health AT gmail DOT com or call me 647*827*6968 or order online for pick up or delivery. I offer carbon neutral shipping and courier services, as well same day in downtown bicycle deliver, normally for the same price as Canada Post calculated shipping.

Is that a photo of Anarres Studio?

No, it's not ready yet. The photo is the right size and age, but with more foliage, less windows. Think of a cross between a potting shed and a one room cabin. Anarres Studio will be in a 153 sq ft 1928 garage with storage nearby.

Q: I'll miss your shop! Where are you moving to? Where will I be able to get Anarres products?

A: I'm moving to a studio just 350 metres from the Apothecary on Dovercourt! I'll still be in Bloorcourt, back where I was years ago.

You'll still be able to buy Anarres products at Karma Food Coop, Alternative Thinking and Raindance Cosmetics.ca. I am hoping to bring on more shops. If you'd like to buy Anarres products where you shop, please ask them to contact me at AnarresHealth AT gmail.com .

And of course, you'll still be able to buy Anarres products online at AnarresHealth.ca (a better website in 6 weeks!), and my new site SustainableSex.ca


1. I want to change my hours to honour my sacred time, so my business hours will be Sundays through Thursdays, with Fridays and Saturdays as my weekend.
2. I want to focus on my aromatherapy practice, on creating and producing products, teaching students and making sure my Apprentices graduate!
3. I want to be free of the burden of needing to sell $16,000 worth of stuff every month to cover my expenses. My new studio, nearby storage and office will be affordable.

Anarres will still be your Happy Place.

Q: But how will I be able to smell the oils, refill my containers and try the products in person?

A: You will be able to book a personal or group shopping experience as a consultation. I can help you choose essential oils and ingredients for your project, or body care that works for you. You can refill containers you bring, or buy them from me. During the consultation, you'll have my full attention! To book the consultation, you'll pay a $50 deposit that goes towards your purchases. This deposit will reserve my time.

You will also still be able to order Anarres products, essential oils and ingredients for pick up weekly at designated spots, or receive your order by post or bicycle courier for the Canada Post calculated rate within the GTA.

Q: What will you still carry as Anarres Studio?

A: I will still offer:
ALL Anarres-made body care products
ALL Anarres incenses - sticks and cones
ALL the Anarres blends and perfumes
ALL the essential oils I currently carry - and probably more!
ALL Stefani water purifiers and parts - taps, floats and filters
ALL the ingredients that I presently use in Anarres products - in kits and in smaller quantities, probably
ALL the Workshops, Apprenticeships and Aromatherapy Certifications
ALL the jewellery, pins and brooches
Candles - small tapers and tealights, Havdalah and Hanukkah candle sets, and zero waste candles I make
Books! I will have lots of books for sale listed online
Dish soap, laundry soap, dishwasher tabs, vinegar
Contraceptives, Menstrual Cups and Sexual Health tools
I will keep a supply and selection of ingredients such as waxes, butters, oils, hydrosols, salts, clays and extracts, but sell in smaller quantities

Q: What are you discontinuing when you move the Apothecary?

A: If it is on my website, I am still selling it!
I will be selling off - most items at 30% off in July - while supplies last:
30% off - Zero waste items - cutlery, cups, housewares, cleaning supplies 30% off 1L+
Bulk herbs (I am open to ordering in for you, so ask!) 30% off unopened 1 (or 1/2) lb bags
Decor such as wind chimes, mirrors
She Sells Sanctuary fairly traded Himalayan Crafts
ChocoSol chocolates and coffee
30% off - Zero Waste cleaning tools such as brushes, sponges and cleaning tabs
30% off Candles - pillars, decorative, tapers by Honey candles
Body care tools - tooth brushes, hair brushes, pumice stones, gua sha, stone rollers, razors and blades etc
30% off Copper wares - mugs, tumblers, dispensers, bowls, bottles etc
30% off Judaica except for Havdalah and Hanukkah sets (but I'll probably have a lot of stock for a long while!)
Soap Works Bars of Soap

Q: Will your prices go up?

A: No, I'm not planning on raising prices! Eventually the prices for ingredients and packaging may go up because I will be buying in smaller quantities. My essential oil and body care prices will not go up due to the move. I'll still offer the same value especially for DIYers and small producers. And I will special order anything you need and pass on the savings to you until you are ready for your own account with bigger suppliers.

Q: How can I help?

A: I could use your help, of course! If it moves you, please:

* Share my website, newsletter, or my Instagram , my Pinterest, my Linkedin, Twitter, or my Facebook or just tell a friend about what Anarres offers.

* Share news about Anarres 30% off Moving Sale.

* Know a shop that's opening soon? Put them in touch with me! I am selling off most of the shelving and furnishings at Anarres. Even the kitchen sink! I hope to offset the cost of moving.

* Need a bookshelf, or tables or mirrors or chairs? Hit me up! Check what I am selling off on the Fundraising at Anarres Apothecary Facebook page.

* Can you offer your time photographing, marketing, or selling things? That would be a big help!

Q: Will your business hours change?

A: Yes! I am considering my new business hours to be Sunday through Thursday, with Friday and Saturday off as Sacred Time. I will offer flexible availability including mornings. This will allow me to better care for myself, my gardens and my family, and to accommodate you if you'd like to see me mornings or Sundays.

Q: Will you still offer workshops?

A: Yes! I hope to offer more workshops in the community at various locations. Full Day Workshops will still take place Sundays, and evening workshops on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. I have a number of workshops scheduled to take place in gardens and parks - check out my workshop scheduule!