Flash Sale = 15% off

You're right! You want to snuggle in at home and wait for this to all end, but you could also use some candles, some chocolate, some chillaxing bath salts or cbd bath melt....⁠
from now until Tuesday February 22 at noon, we are offering you a way to get in your snuggle time AND enjoy the delights found at Anarres Apothecary.⁠

Order anything online from AnarresHealth.ca - for posting same day, or for quick prepaid pick up at the cash - and use coupon code MELT 15%. This offer even includes prepaid workshop registrations and Gift Certificates!⁠

Since our regular volume discounts for items such as 10 packs of masks, 1000mL/g and 20 packaging items are 20% off, we'll apply the larger of the discount, but not both. ⁠

Share this offer with your family and friends!⁠

There are a limited number of coupons, and this offer ends February 22, so order now and snuggle in sooner! http://www.anarreshealth.ca/catalog⁠