Questions and Answers About Deodorant and Mineral Makeup Making

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Q: 1)I am unclear as to the proper directions for the underarm deodorant. I'd like to make the cream version. you write that for spray: mix witch hazel and vegetable glycerin, and for cream: mix baking soda and cornstarch. then you write to add essential oils to the vegetable glycerin. Does the cream also contain glycerin? to what , and when, do i add the oils for the cream deodorant?

A: 1) For the cream deodorant, it's best to weigh, then sift the baking soda and cornstarch together. Then create a valley in the centre of the dry mix and weigh in your glycerine, keeping it away from the sides as best you can. Do not mix yet! Next, add your drops of essential oil into the middle of the glycerine puddle. Finally, stir the essential oils into the glycerine with a rubber spatula, and continue to mix the wet and dry ingredients thoroughly, crushing any lumps against the side of the bowl with the flat part of the spatula (don't bend i it might wear out!)/

Q: Then you write to add essential oils to the vegetable glycerin. Does the cream also contain glycerin?
Q: to what ,
Q: and when, do i add the oils for the cream deodorant

Q: 2) In your makeup workshop, I was hoping for a lipstick recipe,too. Is that part of a different workshop that i haven't purchased?

A: Sorry, no. The workshop you bought is described here
My teacher has a book about lipstick making that I sell here,
but I only teach Mineral Makeup.
Lipstick making uses different materials, and molds.

Q: 3) Are there any natural lip sealants to keep the colour on for longer?
A: Harder vegan waxes are normally used in place of petroleum. Consider

Q: 4) I would assume that the choice of clay used for foundations, blush, etc also affect the colour in addition to the mica?
A: That is their purpose aside from providing body.

Q: Could you guide me to begin in which clays & micas i should experiment with for the mineral powder foundation (for myself & for my daughter- i have light-coloured skin, and she has tanned-coloured skin all year round)?
A: Recommended to have on hand:
French Pink
French Yellow
French Green
Australian Pink
Kaolin white
Zinc Oxide

Q: 5) For a liquid foundation, you recommend blending the "dry mixture above with equal part lotion". Which "dry mixture" are you referring to? the loose mineral foundation recipe?
A: Yes, the one you made that matches your skin tone.
It takes a lot of experimentation and precise measuring to get it right and to replicate it.
For that you need a fine scare:

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