Ask Me Anything: how to cure tinnitus naturally

Q: hi there

i would like to learn
how to do soap with tallow
how to make hair healthy and shiny
how to purify my water without too much investment
how to cure tinnitus naturally
thank you if you have any solutions

A: Hi J*****,

Tinnitus is a symptom of many possible problems. It is essential that you seek a diagnosis from a medical practitioner.

There are many natural treatments focused on relaxing muscles, repairing blood vessels, reducing inflammation and coping with the disturbance that tinnitus causes.

I make drops to heal tinnitus and hearing loss - a blend of CBD and essential oils that you place behind the ear daily. It's $20 for 10mL (3 months) or $50 for 30mL (9 months). Healing Hearing Blend

I sell two supplement powders that help with tinnitus:
Fo Ti Root

and Pria Mushroom Powder


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