Workshop Offering: Green Cleaning: DIY Natural Cleaning Party

The Do-It-Yourself Green Cleaning Workshop is a fun and easy way to learn about chemicals in cleaning products and the illnesses these can cause, and make products that are safe to use, and inexpensive! As a participant, you'll go home with your very own set of easy-to-make cleaning products (plus recipes) that have been tested for effectiveness and are good for your health and the environment!

We'll make:
All purpose spray cleaner
Creamy Soft Scrub
Wood Cleaner/Polish
Laundry Detergent
Room Air Cleaner/Deodorizer

You'll take home 3 products of your choice. PLEASE BRING SOME USED CONTAINERS!

Tracey TieF has had the pleasure of hosting DIY Natural Cleaning events for hundreds of people and has been featured at:
~ the Stop's Good Food For All Festival September 18, 2010
~ the OISE Eco Fair April 7, 2010
~ Eco Savvy Festival June 19-20, 2009
~ the Green Culture Festival 2008, 2009
and at a baby shower, a daycare, a social justice centre, a church, at lunch-and-learns for social and health workers, at the Karma Food Coop and, of course, at her Anarres Natural Health clinic.

For videos and more info see: