Butter: Cocoa Organic Unrefined

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Butter: Cocoa Organic Horizontally Traded Ghana, by the gram
Butter: Cocoa Organic Horizontally Traded Ghana bowl

Theobroma cacao butter pure, prime, pressed fairly traded from Ghana. Cocoa butter (correctly named "cacao" butter) is the natural cream-coloured vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans during the process of separating the powder and liquor from the bean.

Cocoa butter has a soft, sweet chocolate aroma, and is one of the most stable fats known. It has been used to heal and moisturize skin that has been exposed to the elements. It also helps reduce the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy by keeping the skin supple. It makes a wonderful ingredient in lotion bars, lip balms, body butter, and soaps. It contains natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity and has an extremely long shelf life. Some estimates put it at between 2 and 5 years with proper storage conditions.

Sold by the gram, $0.0631/g. Please bring or order a bag

You must order a minimum of 100g and buy a bag or other suitable container (search JAR or BOTTLE on our website). You must allow us to package your bulk item in a container or bag that your item will fit in safely, and agree to pay any difference before you receive your item.

$6.31/100g Ghana Cert. Organic light butter coloured
$28.41/500g 10% off
$50.51/1000g 20% off

MAIL ORDERS: Please order a minimum of 100g and buy a bag or container.

Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao Wildcrafted and processed in Ghana.

*Cocoa butter does NOT contain caffeine and is safe for babies (see comments).*

Cocoa butter is hard at room temperature but can be melted with oils or warmed and rubbed into the skin.

Fat composition
Saturated fats
Total saturated 57–64%:
stearic acid (24–37%), palmitic acid (24–30%), myristic acid, (0–4%), arachidic acid (1%), lauric acid (0–1%)

Unsaturated fats
Total unsaturated 36–43%
Monounsaturated 29–43%:
oleic acid (29–38%), palmitoleic acid (0–2%)

Polyunsaturated 0–5%:
linoleic acid (0–4%),
α-Linolenic acid (0–1%)

Food energy per 100 g (3.5 oz) 3,699 kilojoules (884 kcal)[1]
Melting point 34.1 °C (93.4 °F), 35–36.5 °C (95.0–97.7 °F)
Solidity at 20 °C (68 °F) solid
Refractive index 1.44556–1.44573
Iodine value 32.11–35.12, 35.575
Acid value 1.68
Saponification value 191.214, 192.88–196.29

Fair Trade Compliant

Fair Trade is not a luxury - it is a moral imperative!

70% of the world's cocoa butter comes from the West African nations of Nigeria, Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire where 26 million people are enslaved in the production of cocoa and coffee, a situation that has arisen since the 1980s when major food corporations decided to increase their profit margins and keep end-consumer prices artificially stable. Fully 15,000 children were determined by the US Dept of Labour to be enslaved in Cote d'Ivoire alone. These children are typically kidnapped from other countries and do not generally survive into their teen years. Conventional cocoa products, therefore, support slavery, child abduction, child labour, and murder.

It smells so good, it's hard not to eat it!

My supplier sources its products using ethical brokers. Both the shea and cocoa butter are Fair Trade Compliant. This means that profits go back to the community, that environmentally friendly production methods are utilized, that underage or forced labour is not used and that a minimum price is paid to the producers regardless of market pressure.

Cocoa Butter is solid at room temperature by the gram in the self-serve area.

If you want a cocoa cream, try this Classic Cocoa Cream.

Photo by Maša Sinreih in Valentina Vivod - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.


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