Essential Oils, Blends, Perfumes & Incences

Essential Oils, Blends, Perfumes & IncencesI offer therapeutic grade essential oils that I use in my practice. All essential oils are hand bottled to order. The essential oils I carry pass through very few hands, making these fairly and horizontally traded ingredients many times more affordable than drug store and multi-level marketed essential oils. All of my essential oils are ethically produced and are free from pesticides or chemical fertilizers!

Important Note: The information provided in the oil profiles is for educational purposes only. This data is not complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please read the essential oil safety information before using any essential oils.

Please email Tracey TieF, CNHP, RAHP, with any specific questions or concerns regarding your use of any essential oil purchased from Anarres.

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Rose Petals, Pink, Sold by the GramRose Petals, Pink, Sold by the Gram$0.13
lavender_English_AnarresLavender Whole Flowers, Blue, Sold by the gram$0.13
Incense: Unscented Charcoal Sticks by the gramIncense: Unscented Charcoal Sticks by the gram$0.10
Incense_Frankincense_ResinIncense: Frankincense Resin$0.05
Cinnamomum_burmannii_ground_Anarres_160kbCinnamon ground, Certified Organic, Sold by the Gram$0.05
Fragrance Chart by PercentagePerfumery Alcohol, in Bulk by the gram$0.03
new_hours_AnarresChange in Hours Aug 1$0.00
n/aOakmoss $0.00
Constituents Aromatic Mediterranean PlantsConstituents Aromatic Mediterranean Plants$0.00
Refill DiscountsRefill Discounts-$1.00