Consultation: Personal

Price: $60.00
Consultation: Personal_ANARRES TTF

Book an in-person consultation with Tracey TieF, CNHP for:
selection of essential oils
aromatherapy individual prescriptions
hormone balancing
pregnancy planning (conception & contraception)
natural health consultation & referral
My approach is compassionate, ethical, and informed by scientific evidence, herbal and folk traditions. I will recommend to you a variety of modalities and approaches, many of which you can do on your own without spending extra money.

The $60/hour you pay is refundable with your purchase over $50*
*Personal Consultation fees paid are discounted from your invoice when you buy $50 or more worth of Anarres products or $100 worth of DIY ingredients.

You can learn about my education and qualifications here

BUSINESS please go here
product development including custom recipes
sources for packaging, fairest trade, and local-est alternatives
sources for ingredients, fairest trade, and local-est alternatives
eco packaging & alternatives to plastic
greening your business, then marketing your greening!

TO RESERVE A TIME PLEASE PREPAY A MINIMUM OF $60 PER HOUR YOU ARE BOOKING. This amount is non-refundable but transferable with a 1-week cancellation notice.

Personal Consultation is $60 per hour
Business Development Consultation is $120 an hour,
by email or phone billed in 15-minute blocks. (Select Quantity 4 for 1 hour, for example.)

Please reserve your consultation below. I will then contact you soon to book a time for you to come into the apothecary, or to consult with you by phone or email.

INSURANCE & HEALTH BENEFIT CLAIM? The website order you place will provide you with a receipt that I am happy to sign and date. I am NOT a naturopath according to regulations in Ontario. I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner within Canada. You need to consult with your benefits provider to find out if my time or products are covered given my qualifications.


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