Bottle: Thermos with Wood Top, Water Is Life

Price: $30.00

Please refer to the page below to see which amount goes with what you want. Please be sure you order what you need.

Bottle: Thermos with Wood Top, Water Is Life, All Proceeds to Anishinaabeg Revit
Bottle: Water Is Life, All Proceeds to Anishinaabeg Revitalization CampBottle: Water Is Life, topBottle: Water Is Life 1Bottle: Water Is Life 2Bottle: Water Is Life 3Bottle: Water Is Life 4

Artwork by celebrated Michif artist Christi Belcourt

All Proceeds to Anishinaabeg Revitalization Camp

SELECT the amount that you want to contribute.
Offered at a sliding scale of $15 to $60.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SAME BOTTLES BY KLEEN CANTEEN WITHOUT THE ARTWORK RETAIL FOR $34. The first $10 goes to our cost to make the bottles. The remainder goes to benefit Nimkii Aazhibikong.

You can order just one! But if you want many, they come in boxes of 25. Please order in quantities of 25 if you want to order 20-30 bottles.

These high-quality stainless steel double walled bamboo topped bottles are commissioned by Anarres Apothecary with design by Christi Belcourt.

Made from Stainless Steel, Unvarnished Bamboo and Food-Grade Silicone
HEALTHY: Food Grade Stainless Steel is guaranteed free of heavy metals & toxins.
CLEAN: No Paints, Coatings or Lacquers inside of any kind.
WELL MADE: You will enjoy using this durable water bottle will for years & years.
* Double-layer insulated steel.
* Holds 750mL / 26 ounces.
* Extra big mouth is great for adding ice cubes.

All proceeds go to Nimkii Aazhibikong, a place where youth and Elders come to connect to the land, each other and to pass down the language and traditional knowledge to the next generations.

Nimkii Aazhibikong means Village of Thunder Mountain. It’s the name given by Elders to a year-round Ojibway Art, Culture and Language Revitalization Camp being built by a community of youth, Elders and organizers located north of Elliot Lake, Ontario within traditional Anishinaabeg territory. Donations will go toward building supplies.

Nimkii Aazhibikong is an independent Indigenous-led camp that is focused on connecting young people with elders for arts and cultural land-based teachings. The camp is an Ojibway language revitalization camp for youth that is working towards producing the next generation of fluent speakers on the land. Guided by elders, it is also a camp for the cultural resurgence of sustainable Indigenous practices and restoration of traditional Indigenous land and resource protection and management.

Right now Indigenous languages including Anishinaabemowin along the North Shore of Lake Huron is in crisis. Many of the speakers are Elders and many communities have no children speaking the language. We want to inspire the next generation and encourage fluency in the language. The Elders have told us this can only be fully realized while on the land.

Since June 7, 2017, we have built 3 cabins, a community cook-house, and several traditional Anishinaabe lodge structures as well as a shower house, outhouses and storage sheds. We are planning to build an additional 3 cabins, a 60’ art studio space, a 50’ roundhouse, a community garden and smokehouse.

We are not funded by governments or corporations. Our support has come from grassroots and like-minded groups.
If you would like to support Nimkii Aazhibikong, we have many ways that you can help:
Check or money order to: Onaman Collective, P.O. Box 215, Cutler, ON, P5E 1K1
Etransfer or Paypal: onamancollective AT gmail DOT com (please make the password “Onaman”)
Go Fund Me:
We also have launched several t-shirt campaigns, all are available here:

Follow our updates on our Facebook page: Nimkii Aazhibikong
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