Donate to our Co Immunity Fund for Education

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Donate to our Co Immunity Fund for Education

We accept donations of:
* ingredients and packaging to be used during workshops
* goods related to our work that we can resell
* and funds to help support workshops in the community.

We are delighted to accept ongoing donations to our Co Immunity Fund on this page. Every cent that we collect fully or partially subsidizes - based on the participant's need - a DIY healthy body care workshop. Learn more about the 2018 Campaign and Fund here:

About Community Workshops
We receive no funding for community workshops, although occasionally materials are covered or partially covered by honorarium or donation. Your donations help support the store, and an honorarium for Tracey TieF, who is currently unwaged.

Tracey TieF has developed two workshops that are easily delivered to passers-by,
who become participants and receive the products they make!
In this way, we reach hundreds of people a year with the message that
natural products are easy, affordable and quick to make.

In particular, we offer FREE hands-on mini-workshops at such venues as:
* The Maker Fest, EcoFair at the Barns
* Street Festivals such as BIG On Bloor, Bloorcourt Arts & Crafts Festival
* Karma Food Coop monthly Intro Workshops, open to the public (by donation)
* Skillshare meetings such as those by Make It Natural (by donation)
* schools and clubs on request