How The Stefani Water Filtres Work

Stefani Water Purifiers come equipped with ceramic filters, float valves and taps specially designed to work with the purifiers.

Stefani ceramic filters are long-lasting and have a 500 L capacity to purify water and should be replaced every 6 months based on your consumption rate.

The dechlorinating/sterilizing filter candle reduces fungus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and chemicals present in the water. The filter consists of a multi-layered, microporous purifying “candle” of advanced design.

The 3-stage purifying process consists of:

Ceramic Filtration
The microporous ceramic membrane is capable of filtering out microorganisms, dirt, rust, algae and other suspended solids.

The water passess through the colloidal silver coated in the inner chamber which sterilizes the water and eliminates bacterias.

Granular Activated Carbon
Granular activated carbon’s extensive pore structure enables it to screen every drop of water passing through and efficiently absorb chlorine, taste, odours and organic chemicals.

Water is purified up to the rate of approximately a quarter of a gallon (one liter) per hour per filter/candle.

BPS-FREE Dechlorinating / Sterilizing Filter

All Stefani Water Purifers are equipped with a BPA-FREE Float-Valve that doubles the capacity of the filter preventing lower chamber overflow.

All Stefani Water purifiers come equipped with an easy to use BPA-FREE Click Faucet.

How well does the filtration system work?

Cerâmica Stéfani's products are tested and certfied by INMETRO.

Test results from various independent, international water quality laboratories have certified that Stefani water purifiers and water filters consistently remove and reduce the following impurities and contaminants:
99.9% Bacteria
99.9% Amoeba
98.5% Chlorine
99.4% Iron
99.7% Copper
99.6% Lead
99.4% Zinc
94.5% Aluminum
87.0% Lindane
92.0% Dieldrine
93.0% Chloroform
95.0% Dichlorobromomethane
93.0% Dibromochloromethane
97.0% Bromoform

Q: Are the plastic parts BPA-free?

A: YES!(from the manufacturer, Stefani)

Terracotta (clay) water filters do not have BPA as it may be found only in plastics. The plastic base of Stéfani cartridges are made with polystyrene plastic, which is BPA-free and approved by FDA (certificates of our plastic supplier INNOVA in Portuguese language are available). Stéfani Float Valves and Plastic Taps are also made with Polystyrene approved by FDA and are BPA-free according to our supplier.
~ AGUINALDO CASTALDELLI NETO, Export Supervisor, Stefani