How To Use Natural Ingredients to Treat Scabies and other Mites

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The leaves and oil of the neem tree are at the heart of our natural scabies cure. Anarres Natural Health has chosen neem as a cornerstone of scabies treatment for 5 compelling reasons:

Why neem?

~ Neem has been shown, in the lab and better yet, in studies on hundreds of humans, to eradicate scabies and other skin parasites.

~ Neem is considered completely safe when used on the skin and is in fact, a wonder moisturizer and skin healer!

~ For centuries neem has been used as a traditional medicine to treat infections by parasites, bacteria, and funguses!

~ Unlike natural and chemical scabies killing agents, neem oil acts against scabies and other skin parasites in a number of ways by:
1. IMMEDIATELY suffocating live nymphs as they surface on the skin to mate and burrow
2. MINUTES TO HOURS AFTER APPLICATION causing nymphs, immature nymphs, debris and breeding adults to pop out of the skin, only to be saturated and killed on the surface
3. DAYS TO WEEKS after application, disrupting the hormones of scabies, causing them to stop breathing, eating, burrowing and breeding. Neem will STOP the reproduction cycles of mites because it is a natural contraceptive.

~ Our neem oil is 100% pure, organically farmed and ethically sourced.

~ Neem treats the pain, the itch, the sores, and the potential secondary infections. Neem not only gets rid of the scabies mites, it also soothes the skin, numbs the pain, relieves the itching, reduces the inflammation and redness, and heals any secondary infection that might have occured because of scratching and open lesions.

What is neem oil?

Natural neem oil is extracted from the seed kernel is excellent for its healing properties and is used in oils, creams, lotions and soaps. Every part of the neem tree repels insects! It is also known to have insect deterrent properties. In recent years the growth hormone regulating and anti-feedant properties of Neem oil have prompted a considerable amount of research.

How does neem work?

The key insecticidal ingredient found in the neem tree is azadirachtin. Azadirachtin seems to be an "ecdysone blocker." It blocks the insect's production and release of vital hormones. Insects then will not molt, thus breaking their life cycle. Check out from the Cornell University.

How do we know that neem works in real life, on real people?

A report published by Royal Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: This report from India details how 814 people with various extents of scabies infections were treated daily with a mixture of fresh neem leaves and fresh turmeric root. The treatment cured 97% of the infected patients in 3 to 15 days.

In another test, alcoholic extract of dried neem leaves mixed with a carrier lotion/oil which was then spread on the affected skin completely cured all patients tested in just three days.

Previous treatments of these patient with benzyl benzoate and sulpha drugs had failed to cure these same patients.

Is neem safe to use?

Neem oil has USDA Approval. The United States Department of Agriculture has been studying neem since 1972 and neem formulations have been approved by the EPA for insecticidal use. Neem oil is also an effective fungicide. But the EPA also calls neem "practically non-toxic," even at incredibly high doses FED to rats as part their required testing.

I cannot recommend that neem oil be taken internally, but in India, neem is called the "village pharmacy" and mothers dose their children with neem the way European grandmothers dosed sick children with castor oil.

What to expect with ANY scabies treatment

1. You will use an agent to kill the live scabies mites and possibly the immature ones under the skin. For this you'll need prescription (stronger than lice formula) permethrin or lindane, or neem oil (or essential oils and blends).

2. You will need to use newly laundered clothing and bed sheets each day, and launder these following specific instructions. You will need each household member to sleep in their own sheets.

3. You will need to clean daily and heat your home to remove and/or dessicate scabies mites that are still viable and have fallen off your skin and clothing.

After the second day of using neem as described on this page, you should not experience a new bite. If you do, the problem is that you have encountered new mites from people close to you, or your environment. This why treating your environment is critical.

CHANGE YOUR SHEETS EACH NIGHT. Spritz a mixture of essential oil with vinegar and/or alcohol on your mattress, and wipe down a mattress cover before laying out new sheets and pillow cases.

SLEEP APART from family members whether or not they have scabies. If on the same bed, try separate sleeping bags or bedrolls.

BAG all linens towels and clothing that has touched your skin daily and leave undisturbed for 4 days. Afterwards, wash and dry (in the sun and/or a dryer). Difficult to wash fabrics can be left in a bag until 1 week after your household infestation is cleared.


You may add Karanja Oil (another parasite fighter with a lighter smell).
Turmeric, which is is bright yellow and STAINS.

Since scabies usually affects large areas of the skin, however, soaking in warm bath water with neem leaves or tincture added is recommended. Dead Sea Salt and Neem Scrub helps remove mites on the skin by exfoliating.

What About Women Wanting To Conceive?

Neem oil should never be taken internally by those wanting to conceive a child...the keyword here being "internally". The reason is neem products have strong immune boosting properties. If you have scabies, you shouldn't have sex anyway because it is so contagious!

And if you have scabies, boosting your immune system is a critical part of your long-term recovery!.

Let's talk about ingredients....

You as a consumer NEED to check out all ingredients in any scabies treatment!

We do not use any synthetic or petroleum ingredfients, and we make our vbases from scratch, Neem has a very strong garlic smell...some people say it's fine, others say it's very strong. You can mix neem seed oil with:

Karanja (another parasite fighting oil)

Sesame oil (Rich in vitamins and minerals, recommended uses as a skin softener)

Olive oil (Used pure or in blends for burns, sprains, bruises, insect bites, to relieve itchy skin)

Jojoba oil (Very similar in composition to human natural skin oils). It penetrates the skin rapidly to nourish it; also softens and moisturizes mature and dry skin. Jojoba helps to heal inflamed skin conditions such as any form of dermatitis)

Coconut oil (Quickly absorbed by the skin, glides easily and never leaves a greasy feeling)

Vitamin E (Natural oxidants), and essential oils of lavender (Keeps insects at bay, has a great healing effect on scars)

Lemongrass or other lemony smelling essential oil maximum 5% in carrier oil (Stimulates the mind, lifts the spirit, clears the head. Prevents spread of contagious diseases. Relieves fatigue)

Cedarwood (Deters insects and we like the "medicinal" smell).

We found an interesting site you might want to visit: It is quite long but has some interesting pictures and commentary. If you do think you have something more than scabies, it would definitely be in your best interest to research on or call our office and we will try to point you in the correct direction.

Scabies -- The Seven-Year Itch
Scabies are caused by an infestation of a mite known as Sarcoptes scabei. Scabies is often called the seven-year itch because of the very itchy little bumps that appear, and the longevity of the infestation. The mite is a microscopic bug similar to a tick or chigger. They tunnel or borrow under the skin, leaving behind eggs, feces, and dead body parts. Although the victim may not have any itching or other reaction at first, once the person becomes sensitized, they will have an allergic reaction to the mites and their leavings which is in the form of a rash and and intense itching, most often at night when the mites are active. Sensitization can take up to 2 months after a person has been infested.

The burrows are generally found in warm, moist parts of the body, like the skin between fingers and toes, in the folds of the wrists, elbows, and shoulders, around the waist, and in the groin and genital areas. Although the mites can be transmitted between people, it usually takes a lot of contact between two people for the mites to transfer to a new host. But there is a new variant form which causes crusted scabies (called Norwegian) which can infest a new victim with minimal contact. The mites can live away from a person (on clothing or linens) or up to 4 days, and can infest another person that way as well.

Scabies is not a disease of the poor or unclean, nor is it something to be ashamed of; it can and does affect people of all social, economic and ethnic categories. Health care professionals can even pick up the mites from their patients.

Using Neem Oil products is one of the best and is the least irritating way to treat scabies. Although there are several prescription medicines to treat this problem, they are very harsh to the skin and body and may be dangerous to use because of their strong chemicals. These methods often fail to cure the problem or even relieve the itch. Quite often the symptoms are suppressed for a time, but as soon as the treatment is stopped, the itch is back because the mites have not been eradicated.

It is recommended to shower using Neem Maximum Strength Soap. Wash your hair thoroughly with Neem Oil Shampoo, then towel dry your body and apply Neem Leaf & Oil Lotion liberally. For cases that have been going on for some time or are widespread, it is recommend to use Cold Pressed Neem Oil or Neem Leaf & Oil Cream on those areas that are more severe. Important: Be sure to wash all your clothing and linens in hot water and dry them in a hot dryer as soon as possible. Some people bag up their clothing and linen in plastic bags for a week to help kill the mites. This includes vacuuming or isolating any furniture that you have used.

Neem Leaf Capsules may be taken to help build up the immune system to fight the secondary infection that often accompanies the rash.

Neem is not only safe to use, it is very good for your skin and will also help to disinfect and heal the bumps and rashes that are common with scabies.

Almost identical organisms may infest dogs and cats. To treat your pet, it is recommend to shampoo them with Neem Pet Shampoo or any Neem Oil Soap, preferably on a daily basis, until the mites are gone.

Remember, Neem is a natural bug repellent, so Neem not only treats the rash and infection, but will help make the little bugs want to leave their host. Azadirachtin in neem prevents mite reproduction and feeding.

Dr. Charles at the Medical and Cancer Research and Treatment Center in India gave the results of a study of 814 people treated with Neem. These people were treated with a scrub bath and an application of a paste made with ground Neem leaves and turmeric. The paste was rubbed all over the body and left to dry. The procedure was repeated daily until the patient was cured. The patient's clothing and bed linens were boiled each day as well. Of the 814 cases, 98% showed complete cure within 3 - 15 days of treatment. Those cases (95.8%) with localized lesions showed cure in 3 - 5 days. When lesions were all over the body and there was secondary infection, treatment needed for a cure was 6 - 15 days. Failure of treatment was only 2%. The reasons for failure were irregular application of the treatment.

Neem Disclaimer
These products and the information on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Neem should not be taken by anyone who is pregnant or trying to conceive (male or female). Neem contains compounds similar to those in aspirin and should not be used to treat children with fevers. We do not recommend taking Neem oil internally. You should consult your personal physician or naturopathic doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of any condition.

Used medicinally for centuries in India, neem oil, from the tree of the same name, makes a particularly useful natural pesticide and insect repellant. The oil is frequently used to treat the skin disorder scabies, an infestation of a form of tiny mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. Scabies results from the mites burrowing into the skin to feed on blood. In the process, they cause intense itching. Scabies is very contagious and can spread quickly through families, schools and other places where direct physical contact is common. Neem oil is an effective alternative to synthetic treatments such as permethrin, according to Discover Neem dot com.


Step 1
Pour some pure neem oil onto a clean cloth or gauze pad and apply the oil directly to any minor and localized scabies infestations.
Step 2
Leave the oil on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes to help eliminate the mites and reduce the swelling, itching and inflammation associated with scabies.
Step 3
Repeat the oil application twice per day until the infestation has resolved.

Step 1
Pour several tablespoons of pure neem oil into a small bowl and combine it with 1/8 cup of liquid soap. Mix thoroughly to emulsify the oil with the soap.
Step 2
Add the mixture to a hot bath and bathe thoroughly, for well-established or pervasive scabies infestations.
Step 3
Soak in the bath for fifteen to twenty minutes. A neem-based lotion or cream can also be applied after bathing.
Step 4
Continue this treatment once every day until the infestation has completely resolved. Repeat the treatment for any recurrences.

What to do RIGHT NOW Budget: 1 hour

1. Go to your bathroom and put all the towels, hand towels and mats that have been used even once in a bag and set them aside for the laundry.

2. Pull out of your cabinets as many of these items as you can find:
~ band aids and bandages
~ tea tree, lavender, clove bud (or any skin safe blend) real essential oil
~ bath salts, epsom salts, dead sea salt, or sea salt - even table salt if there is no other option!
~ clean scratchy wash cloth, or loofah, or pumice stone
~ ointment (best) or body butter, but NOT one that can't be used on broken skin such as Tiger Balm

3. Assemble a clean towel, a bag for the clothes you are wearing now, and freshly laundered clothes including scarf and socks - you don't want your skin exposed or to touch your coat, jacket, shoes or boots.

4. Pour a hot bath (best) or take a shower if you only have a shower. Add 10 drops of essential oil to your bath water and washcloth. Add two cups of salts to the water. Undress carefully and bag the clothes you are wearing now. Get in the bath and SCRUB your skin from head to toe, between toes, behind ears - everywhere except your scalp needs scrubbing.

4. While soaking and scrubbing, take note of ANY spots on the body. The spots could look as innocent as a tiny bug bite. You will treat every spot as a scabies mite infestation.

Notice any things that feel like grains of sand on the body. These are scabies mites in their nymph stage come out to mate and to burrow. Some may feel stuck to the skin. Scrub these off. Feel every part of your skin, making sure it is smoothe and free of graininess. The mites are most often clear and hard, even sharp feeling, but once you are treating the scabies, you will find red and brown/black specs, too.

5. Towel off and prepare bandaids/bandages by applying essential oil if you have any, or salt dissolved in water, to the pads. Apply essential oil or salt water to ALL spots and scabies affected areas. Then apply the bandaids or bandages. Ouch! Yes, it can hurt.

6. Get dressed.

7. If you are lucky enough to have laundry machines at home, throw the towels you gathered from the bathroom in the laundry. Wash them in hot water. Use borax in your laundry soap if you can. Dry them on hot.

8. Make a list of what you need to buy at your nearest drug store...
essential oils
bath salts
band aids and bandages

First shop at the drug store/bulk store/health food store Budget: 1 hour + travel time

Here's what you need to buy if you don't have lots of it at home:

Fabric Bandages - a variety of sizes. Essential oils may cause plastic bandages to disintegrate so buy fabric if you can.

Bath salts - choose dead sea salts if you can, (or sea salts as a second choice) AND epsom salts. You will need 2 kgs / 5lbs of each during the course of treatment per person. If you are not near Toronto, it will be most affordable for you to buy the biggest bag you can at the drug store, although if you can shop at a bulk store that stocks these, they will probably be more affordable there. If you are can pick up in Toronto, Anarres Dead Sea salts and epsom salts will likely be your most affordable option. I offer progressive discounts up to 25kg if you are treating a large household!

Essential oils: lavender, tea tree - Most drug stores today carry real essential oils, and they are commonly found in health food stores. Choose 100%, therapeutic grade, in a glass dropper bottle. Lavandula angustifolia synonym officinalis is the best kind of lavender. Melaleuca alternifolia is what the tea tree bottle should read. You can buy larger quantities of these and other recommended oils from Anarres later. I will discount these 50% for you because you've ordered the Scabies Manual. Best lavender: Good enough lavender: Tea tree:

Planning your treatment

Based on our experience, and on the Indian study, beginning scabies mite infestations - a few spots a patches of rash - will take a week of concerted effort and a few weeks of vigilant follow up to treat.

Established infestations - a rash that's been growing for a few weeks, or that's spread over areas of the body such as all over the groin and/or abdomen/back/arms - will take two weeks and a few weeks of vigilant follow up to treat.

You will need to treat every member of your household!!! Scabies is spread via personal contact and via sharing a bed or clothes. It may take up to two months from the first infection for the allergy to the mite to develop and symptoms to appear. So, all household members need to be treated whether they are itchy or not!

So take the per person recommended amounts of treatment ingredients, and multiply them out. For children half the size of an adult, budget and use 1/2 the amounts of neem oil, spot treatment and ointment. For babies, you may prepare proportionally smaller baths, using smaller amounts of salts, and you'll use neem oil, but not the essential oil spot treatments.

You can source what you need locally or order a kit for fast delivery from Anarres. I will price out your delivery options ASAP over the phone with you.

You can make your own treatment ointments and blends, as the recipes are included here, or you can order the ingredients or the treatment products on the Anarres website.

This is what you will need for 1 Person - 1 week - Treating as soon as spots appear These ingredients will cost @ $80 - $150.


Neem leaves to add 1 hand full per bath, bathing twice a day = 25g handfull x 2/dy = 50g x 7 = 350g

Dead Sea Salts 1 scoop x 2/dy = 300g x 7 = 2100g

Epsom Salts 1 scoop x 2/dy = 300g x 7 = 2100g


Neem oil to treat all skin twice a day and add periodically to spots @250ml/day = 3500ml/week


Day Balm 250g tin
Sore Balm 250g tin

Baby Balm: pure unrefined shea butter, or Mamalicious baby balm (proportions for babies, pregnant & nursing mothers, lasts on the skin longer and calms irritated skin)

Ingredients for spot treatments:
*highly recommended


Buchu 3% in jojoba

* Neroli 3% in jojoba

Essential Oils:

Cedarwood Atlas

Cedarwood Himalayan

* Chamomile Roman

* Citral aka May Chang

* Clove Bud

Fir Balsam


Geranium, rose

* Laurel Leaf

Lavender essential oil




For diffusing or adding to a spritzer with vinegar and water:

Lake Emo Oil Blend

Nerve! Emo Oil Blend

Safe II Emo Oil Blend

Unfrazzle Emo Oil


DR Wendy's sensible article The Scabies Nightmare

A comprehensive website about neem oil with a section on scabies, Q&As etc

Read more:

You can buy the above ingredients here on

Neem Seed Oil:
Neem Essential Oil:


1 Person - 1 week - Treating as soon as spots appear COST $58.81 WS $117.62
Neem oil @250ml/day = 3500ml COST $37
Neem leaves 25g handfull x 2/dy = 50g x 7 = 350g COST $4.67
Dead Sea Salts 1 scoop x 2/dy = 300g x 7 = 2100g COST $10.50
Epsom Salts 1 scoop x 2/dy = 300g x 7 = 2100g COST $6.64
Day Balm 250g tin
Sore Balm 250g tin

ON K9H 2N9 $37 1 days: $22 1 days: $18 UPS 1 DAY $43
NS B3K2Z3 Next day: $97 2 days: $57 3 days: $24 UPS 1 DAY $43
R3G1N5 Next day: $89 2 days: $50 3 days: $22 UPS 1 DAY $101 2 DAYS: $54 NDA: 1 week $22
V8N 1A1 Next day: $105 2 days: $78 5 days: $28 UPS 1 DAY $116 2 DAYS: $110

Kansas Priority $273 2 days: $85 4 days: $52 UPS 1 DAY $273 2 DAYS: $180 4 DAYS $56