Judaica: Za'atar Middle Eastern Spice Mix from Zatoun

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Judaica: Za'atar Middle Eastern Spice Mix from Zatoun S
Judaica: Za'atar Middle Eastern Spice Mix from Zatoun full


This essential-once-you-try-it herb mix is available in Toronto at Karma Food Cooperative at 739 Palmerston, Karma Lane and Barton. Karma Coop is member-owned, and welcomes guest and trial shoppers! Visit


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Za’atar (150g bag)

Discover the inspiring zing of za’atar – a natural companion to Zatoun olive oil. Za’atar is an aromatic herb mix produced from a certain variety of thyme indigenous to Palestine and is used as topping or seasoning. A natural companion to Zatoun olive oil, za’atar is versatile and easy to use on almost anything.

We love it on popcorn, hummous, tabouleh, babaganough, in sesame pastes and on vegetables, or simply with warm olive oil on toast.

Za’atar has become a culinary sensation due to its intense herb flavour and tangy zing. Long a staple of Palestinian cooking and street food, za’atar is made with wild thyme and sumac mixed with roasted sesame seeds and salt. Add za’atar to make instant salad dressings and marinades, garnish on dips and soups, sprinkle on breads and pizza, rub on chicken and meat for BBQ – virtually anything – or simply with olive oil for dipping. Zesty, delicious and nutritious.

The wild thyme is picked, cleaned and dried before being blended with roasted sesame seeds, ground sumac and a touch of salt. Zatoun za’atar is processed by a member women-owned cooperative in Al-Jalama. Olive oil, za’atar and fresh-baked bread is the traditional daily breakfast in Palestine. Za’atar can keep indefinitely when refrigerated but it should not last more than a few months when you discover its taste and diverse range of uses. No limit to its uses -please download recipe booklet (in pdf) called Tasty and Easy.

Discovered by people in North America, za’atar continues to grow in popularity by leaps impressing taste buds everywhere.


Zatoun is a unique project offering fair trade olive oil from Palestine to connect people in North America to the history, culture and challenges of the Palestinian people and the land of Palestine. Started in 2004, Zatoun offers symbolic and cultural products from Palestine to raise awareness of a very troubled land desperately needing a just resolution for the sake of world peace.

From its earliest days Zatoun has won followers, friends and admirers. Zatoun is a virtual community of caring and awake individuals brought together by drops of olive oil and strands of deeply held beliefs of truth and justice. Invite your friends and family to join also.

You are invited to shop wonderful fair trade products selected for their meaning and attachment to values of justice and peace. Likewise, you are invited to care for the people and the land by contributing directly to projects and initiatives with real benefits for real people. Finally, you can begin to learn and self-educate on the question of Israel-Palestine – it is not “complicated” there is just lots to know and this is an excellent place to start.

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Zatoun products are distinctive and of high quality. Produced in Palestine they welcome visitors into your home and on your table. To be enjoyed, shared and gifted, these items become favourites as much for their significance as their quality and taste. The olive is what unites Zatoun products and connects us to Palestine. The region is considered the native home of the olive tree and ancient trees deliver olive oil of great taste and of the highest quality.