As an experiment, in order to gather as many people together who want to learn,
and in the hopes of earning at least minimum wage -
I generally earn @$7 an hour, and as a single mother with two children,
I feel I should be earning a living wage.
Consider paying me the wage you earn, for instance. -
I am offering my introductory workshops for a limited time
at Pay-What-Feels-Right rates.

Classes are small, so I do notice if people give less than others. It does feel that I have been disrespected if a participant gives nothing, or less than minimum wage. I generally know if a participant has little money, and so I am happy to teach them, knowing that their $10 or $20 means a lot. But it has happened that a participant has paid less than a dollar for my labour, and I feel profoundly disrespected by that. If you don't value what I offer, then I don't want to teach you.

TO KEEP YOUR SPOT: I ask you to pay at least $10 HST for materials to hold your spot. You may pay more if you are able to and it feels right.

AT THE END OF THE WORKSHOP I WILL ASK YOU TO PAY WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR OUR LABOUR: You can choose to pay only for your materials. You can choose to pay what you might have otherwise spent on a night out, or to learn from another teacher. If in doubt, you can choose to pay the regular rate of my workshops $40-$80. It's up to you!

WHAT INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOPS COST ME: My costs are @$10 per participant including materials, packaging, ingredients, handouts and refreshments. If I travel to the workshop, there are often additional costs from TTC fare through to paying a driver, and of course, an hour or two extra time packing and travelling.
Anarres Apothecary costs $17.25 an hour to operate.
For every hour of live workshop, there are six or more hours of labour gathering materials, administrating, promoting, setting up, cleaning up and more!

To put things in perspective, the regular rate for 2 hour workshops is $80. I gave a $20 for paying ahead of time, and it was half price each if you brought a friend.

GROUP RATES: *$20 minimum commitment per participant is the group rate.
When you register 3 or more participants, I will adjust your rate to $20 each.
If you or your participants can afford more, please bring an honorarium to the workshop.

HST 13% is applied when you check out. Donations given at the end of the workshop will not be taxed.