Shipping your Stefani Water Purifier to You

When you order a Stefani Water Purifier to be posted to you, we spend an hour or more packing it - box inside a box - so that it gets to you safely. Because of the weight and size, shipping is costly, so if you or a friend can pick it up, please do! Postage starts at $100 and a customer in Scandinavia paid almost $1000! We do replace any parts if they break along the way at our own expense.

SHIPPING & HANDLING: Packing, handling, shipping and insurance within the continental US & Canada normally costs $100 - $200. I will bill or refund you any differences greater than 10% of what you paid. Please choose the Shipping & Handling Deposit ($100) also unless you are picking up in Toronto.

Sample costs:
within Canada $75-$150
8L water purifier Toronto to California $208.72.
10L water purifier Toronto to Vancouver $152.55.
10L water purifier Toronto to Honolulu HI $409.
16L water purifier Toronto to Scandinavia $922.08.

INSURANCE: Shipped and pick up water purifiers are unpacked and inspected for damage before sending. We always replace any items that break during shipping at our own expense. If you find any items broken upon unpacking, please photograph. Your honesty is appreciated.