Balm: Cougar Healing Daily Relief

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This alternative to tiger balm works to reduce pain, swelling, and headaches.

What's different from the regular Cougar Balm?
Frankincense resin infused in sunflower seed oil adds lasting healing power for the recovery of damaged tissues and nerves.

Directions: Rub sparingly over sore, aching muscles on unbroken skin only. NOT for children, pregnant or nursing mothers. For details search Cougar Balm at

Ingredients:  unrefined * **hemp seed oil Cannabis sativa, beeswax Cera alba, * **sunflower seed oil Helianthus annuus, frankincense resin Boswellia serrata, *Arnica montana infused in olive oil Oleo Europa, * **Calendula officinalis infused in * **sunflower seed oil, vitamine E mixed tocopherols, essential oils of: *peppermint Mentha piperita, *Atlas cedarwood Cedarus atlantica, sweet birch Betula lenta, ***fir balsam Abies balsamea, and ***white cedar leaf Thuja occidentalis.
* Cert. Org **Ontario ***Canada

Photo thanks to Marco Verch Professional Photographer under under Creative Commons 2.0