Cream: Classic Cocoa

Price: $12.00
Cream: Classic Cocoa

Naturally nourishing, moisturizing and sunscreening (@SPF 15), this Fair Trade cocoa butter cream is safe for babies. This lotion is good for the whole body and for protecting the face and hands from winter sun and dryness.

Unlike commercial "cocoa" butters that contain <5% real cocoa butter in a petroleum base, this cocoa cream is 17% natural unrefined cocoa butter in a simple all vegetable base. The delightful cocoa scent is from the cocoa - and nothing else!

100g CLEAR glass jar METAL cap or METAL canister preferred for mail orders
200g CLEAR glass jar METAL cap or metal canister
1000ml bulk in a glass jar you provide. Made fresh to order.

* Note that metal is preferred for mail orders

Ingredients: filtered water aqua, rose flower water Rosa damascena, natural cocoa butter** Theobroma cacao seed, fractionated coconut oil Cocos nucifera, vegetable wax emulsifying wax NF, grapefruit seed extract (Citrus grandis in vegetable glycerine).
**Fair Trade Certified/Compliant

Comes in a 120ml (100g) or 250ml (200g) glass jar that I pack by weight.
Wholesale and out-of-town orders for 1 litre come in mason jars. Please bring a 1 litre mason jar to exchange for the one I will pack your order in.


#1 traceytf : cocoa fluffy

The cocoa butter cream has an amazing fluffy texture. I've had several guests use it this winter on their dry hands and they have all remarked how nice it feels and that it's not greasy at all.

Take care,


#2 bd : YUMMY!

This stuff is great for a lighter lotion. I used it in the winter on my body and face. In the warmer weather, I use it to moisturize and smell GREAT!

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