Bag: Cloth Drawstring Lunch, Insulated

Price: $10.00

Your choice of colour:

Bag: Cloth Drawstring Lunch, Insulated
Bag: Cloth Drawstring Lunch, Insulated Pastel

A Picnic-Style, Lightweight Insulated Cloth Lunch Bag
* Lined inside with insulating foil bubbles to keep food warm or cool longer.
* Sturdy cloth handles
* Gathered string closure
Choose from: black polka dot, cocoa polka dot, lavender polka dot, bright pink polka dot, pale pink polka dot, red gingham

New Wholesale option = 40% off
and local pick up at Dovercourt and Bloor is FREE!
No need to apply for an account, just order and save!
If you have a lower price with your supplier,
email me to negotiate. Anarres Health AT gmail DOT com


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