Ear: Cleaning Swab Silicone Reusable Set of 2

Price: $12.00

Your choice of colour:

Reusable_Ear_Swab_Set_Anarres open
Ear_Care_Silicone_Reusable_Swab_AnarresEar Care: Silicone Reusable Swabs all

Help us keep our oceans clean and help save the world with this vegan-friendly & Eco-friendly kit. Humans use 1.5 billion cotton swabs every day. These are the perfect solution! Made of medical-grade silicone. these are the product you need for ear cleaning, cosmetics cleaning, makeup and touch-ups, without contributing to that waste!

2 swabs in a spring closure case with a choice of colour:

light pink
light purple

100% Washable and Reusable
100% Vegan product


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