Anarres Group Rates

Group Rate Discounts apply only to Anarres Workshops that are taught by Tracey TieF and Apprentices, and don't include those by outside instructors or facilitators.

Group Rates apply to:
* Groups of three or more people attending the SAME workshop at Anarres OR
six or more people attending the SAME workshop at an off-site location
* Who register and prepay at least a week in advance of the workshop

Group Rates are, per participant:
* $150 plus HST for full-day (6 hours) workshops including lunch and 5 products to take home ($75 off regular price)
* $30 plus HST for the evening (2 hour) workshops including refreshments and a product to take home (regular rate is $10 materials plus $50 tuition)

How it works:

1. Register online for the workshop you want. They are all listed in our monthly calendar in the left-hand margin of every page on the website. Choose the applicable rate listed for you and prepay.

2. Write "Group Rate, please" in the comments with your order, and the name of the group or people you are registering with. See Special Group Rate offers below.

3. When three or more people register with your group, we will adjust your invoice. We will refund you the difference immediately if you have paid with PayPal, or refund you in cash at the workshop if you have paid by cheque, etransfer or in cash.