Patch: Hamsa Sequins

Price: $15.00

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Patch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres 4x6
Patch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres greenPatch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres goldPatch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres turquoisePatch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres flowerPatch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres fishPatch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres multicolourPatch_Sequins_Hamsa_Anarres collage

A great creative #DIY sew-on accessory for handmade arts and crafts projects, these stylish sequinned #hamsa hands are handmade, beautiful and exquisite #embroidered #patches.

* Make your clothes and other accessories special
* Give new life to your old clothes or simply
* Add fun touches to basic shirts and jackets

#Applique and embroidered patches are widely used to decorate or repair jean jacket, T-shirt, jeans, bags, vests, hats, backpack, clothing, curtain, pillow, scarf, quilt, etc.

Size: @10 * 7 inches
See dimensions on each photo.