Hand Sanitizer: Qwatro

Price: $0.05
Hand Sanitizer: Qwatro

A No-Rinse, Fragrance-Free Gentle and Effective Formula that's made in Canada.

Qwatro alcohol-based #Hand #Sanitizer is designed to purify and #disinfect the hands effectively. Effectively cleans and is #non-drying. This gel sanitizer quickly kills #microorganisms in your hands without irritating or drying your skin. Use it to supplement routine #hand-washing in #healthcare, #food service, #education, and #office facilities, as well as in high-traffic #public areas.

Sold by the gram, $0.0459/g. Please bring or order a bottle

You must order a minimum of 100mL and buy a bottle or other suitable container (search JAR or BOTTLE on our website). You must allow us to package your bulk item in a container or bag that your item will fit in safely, and agree to pay any difference before you receive your item.

Directions for use: Dispense an adequate amount of sanitizer into the palm of your hand and rub into skin making sure all surfaces are covered.

Key Ingredients:

Active Ingredient: 65% alcohol (Ethyl or IPA)

Other Ingredients: Water, Carbomer, Triethanolamine


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