Incense: Grace & Gratitude Handmade

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Incense: Grace & Gratitude Handmade
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Grace &
Trust. Happiness.
Divine Connection.

Grace & Gratitude handmade incense unites the serenity and grace of lavender, with the gifts of good health and happiness of geranium, and the divine connection of cedarwood Himalayan -
the Gift of G*d.

10 one hour sticks or cones
in compostable bag

Ingredients: bamboo stick, Green Certified charcoal, natural bond and essential oils

Directions: Hold the incense by the bamboo end and light the coated end away from face and hair.
Then gently blow out the flame.
Never leave unattended when lit.
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for ingestion.

This product is made from natural materials and it is free of fragrances, chemicals and DPG.

Made by Tracey TieF
Certified Natural Health Practitioner.
Made in Toronto ONTARIO CANADA